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New technology is challenging, costly and time consuming to develop. In today’s fast-paced world, partnering to use technology in new and better ways can be as effective as creating the IP itself. GE’s Licensing team provides access to GE’s patent portfolio and technical and intellectual resources. Licensees receive world-leading technology paired with advice and guidance to accelerate their technology development and achieve market differentiation.

How We Partner

Bilateral Licensing

Whether it’s structuring, negotiating and closing transactions related to licensing GE patents or copyrights, or raising capital by selling non-core intellectual property, we have a track record of monetizing a wide range of asset classes.


Our partnerships come in the form of pool creation and business acceleration. We stand up new patent pools to drive industry standards, facilitate market adoption of new technologies and return value to the innovators. We also collaborate with external partners to create vibrant business models and new companies for long term IP monetization.

Technology Transfer

We train and guide partners in transferring of technology and know-how, and overseeing the wing-to-wing process of onboarding new technology.


We License IP and Technology in the Following Areas

Materials & Advanced Manufacturing

Technology Example: GE’s PFS red phosphor is an energy-efficient way to create warmer and more accurate light in the red part of the spectrum. GE uses this technology in our commercial lighting solutions and licenses it for use in displays for TVs, laptops, and smartphones, enabling brighter and more vibrant displays with lower energy consumption.

Healthcare & Electronics

Technology Example: The Healthcare and Electronics team is bringing innovative technology to new markets. One example is through the miniaturization of imaging which can also be used in the human body and microelectronic switches.

General Electric

Energy & Industrial Systems

Technology Example: GE is working with partners to commercialize a new fundamental battery chemistry (NaMx) invented by GE. It enables higher energy density, longer duration batteries for harsh environments and high voltage electric grid storage solutions. The solution does not need any cooling system, is based on abundant raw materials, has a combustion flash point over 10x above today’s solutions and is very safe.

General Electric

Smart Systems

Smart Systems is GE’s channel for software technology and intellectual property commercialization in the areas of fintech, machine learning and analytics including cyber risk, enterprise solutions and intellectual assets strategic to GE.

General Electric

Our due diligence process allows us to find new paths to market for existing assets.

Our Methodology

Licensing is a part of GE Corporate Business Development. GE Corporate Business Development is responsible for accelerating GE’s global portfolio strategy, M&A, divestitures, and partnership development initiatives.

GE Licensing Leadership

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