Digitizing the New York Energy System



Energy is the foundation of any economy. Changes to how it is monitored, generated or distributed have a ripple effect. Costs are reduced. Efficiencies increase. Industries transform. Lives are made better.


The New York Power Authority (NYPA) understands this and has long taken a lead role in evolving the energy space. Recently, it introduced a monitoring system that enables it to make predictive observations of all its primary assets from a centralized location. It is on the road to becoming the world’s first fully digital utility, a breakthrough with implications as significant as those that came when NYPA first harnessed the power of the Niagara River.



Modernize New York’s energy system


NYPA supplies 25% of the state’s electricity, including the power for NYC airports and subways

Called the Integrated Smart Operations Center (iSOC), and located in White Plains, NY, the centralized monitoring center uses GE Digital’s predictive software and digital twin technology to analyze the assets for NYPA generation and transmission.



A monitoring platform capable of making predictive observations from a central location

Data is retrieved from over 24,000 remote sensors and displayed on an 81-foot video wall with over a dozen screens. Engineers take this information and work with plant personnel across the state to identify potential problems and come up with preemptive solutions. By being proactive, they make smarter operational decisions, resulting in increased efficiencies, reduced risks, and a cleaner, more reliable and more affordable energy system. In fact, according to NYPA President and Chief Executive Officer Gil Quiniones, the iSOC has already helped the utility save $3 million, with an additional $1 billion in efficiencies expected over the next decade.

Creating one of the first digital utilities.

  • $3M Saved to Date
  • $1B In Efficiencies Over a 10-Year Period

  • 16 Power Plants
  • 1400 Circuit Miles of Transmission Lines
  • 24000 Date Sensors


GE’s Digital Twin technology allows NYPA to better understand the performance of its assets to determine if they are operating normally, while GE’s Predix Asset Performance Management solution helps identify points of weakness and forecast where system failures and disruptions will take place.



A cleaner, more reliable energy system


“Our collaboration [with NYPA] can serve as an example for how GE’s digital solutions are purpose-built for industry, increasing efficiency and productivity in some of the most complex operations….”

Bill Ruh

CEO of GE Digital and chief digital officer of GE.


GE has helped NYPA create a better power system, and we will continue to do so. With Governor Cuomo mandating that 50% of New York’s energy come from renewable sources by 2030, GE is primed to help the utility overcome the next challenge: the grid’s inability to remain stable when alternatives are introduced. GE’s Predix APM software is already helping the iSOC address the issue, developing various “what if” scenarios, e.g., what would happen if a wind farm were added to the grid, which means it’s only a matter of time before the next great breakthrough is made, and NYPA and GE again disrupt the energy space.