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Research and Manufacturing

GE operates 10 manufacturing and service plants in India. We understand the country’s potential and its obstacles. By leveraging our industrial experience in a wide spectrum of Indian industries, GE provides first-in-class services that employ best practices and beat industry standards. GE provides scaled processes that fit with Indian business to help our customers succeed.

That’s why our 1.5 MW wind turbine series is being engineered in India for ease of integration and delivery to a wide range of locations, including those with challenging site conditions.

Wind Manufacturing Facility in Pune

Opened in the summer of 2011, GE’s first manufacturing centre in India is spread across a 68-acre campus on the outskirts of the city of Pune. The plant, one of eight global facilities devoted to manufacturing wind technology, produces GE’s 1.5 MW platform turbines—the 1.5-77 and 1.6-82.5 wind turbines.

The Pune plant adheres to global standards and EHS benchmarks and follows GE’s strict safety and quality standards. Employees receive rigorous training, including on-the-job training, and are encouraged to come up with ideas to improve safety measures.

The highly skilled workforce assembles rotor hubs and nacelles at the facility. Once assembled, each nacelle and rotor hub goes through a test run to make sure that the end product conforms to all critical quality metrics. The facility helps GE provide our customers with an on-time delivery, quality assurance and an overall cost-effective solution.

John F. Welch Technology Centre

The Pune facility is supported by the John F. Welch Technology Centre, a multidisciplinary R&D centre opened in 2000. The team of engineers and scientists at GE’s global research facility in Bangalore apply knowledge from around the globe to India’s unique conditions.

Researchers in Bangalore developed low-wind-speed turbines specifically for India’s conditions. Those turbines, the 1.5-77 and 1.6-82.5 wind turbines, are now being installed in India and around the globe.

GE is a global leader in wind technology that is poised to power India’s growth with locally made turbines.