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GE Supercritical and Ultra-Supercritical Steam Turbines

GE’s small, large, and combined cycle steam turbines are already generating more than 4.5 GW of power in India. But with the country’s exceptional economic growth and continuing urbanization, capacity is needed now more than ever.

India requires high-output power-generating units. Utilities and other power producers are shifting their turbine fleet toward larger units. At the same time, the realities of high fossil fuel prices and stricter environmental regulations demand that electricity be made efficiently and cleanly.

That’s why GE is introducing its best-in-class supercritical and ultra-supercritical turbines, which are highly efficient fossil-fuel-fired steam units.  The fossil D/G–15 series turbines can generate 600-1,100 MW to help the country bridge the gap between electricity demand and available supply.

To boost efficiencies in large fossil steam turbines, GE engineers have built these units to operate at temperatures as high as 620°C and pressures up to 285 bar. These extreme conditions most efficiently convert the steam into torque. We have also made significant advances in sealing technologies, which allow our turbines to use longer rotors that can accommodate separate high-, intermediate-, and low-pressure sections.

Technological progress in every piece of our supercritical and ultra-supercritical steam turbines means more power for less fuel burn, fewer emissions and operational flexibility like never before.

Dash - 15 Steam Turbines

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GE’s 50/60 Hz Dash-15 steam turbine configuration represents the latest evolution of GE’s proven supercritical and ultra-supercritical fossil technology.

Dash-15 configurations include the four-casing G-15 steam turbine for low backpressure applications, and the three-casing D-15 steam turbine for higher backpressure conditions. The Dash-15 is designed for 565°C (1,050°F) supercritical applications, as well as 600°C/620°C (1,112°F/1,148°F) ultra-supercritical applications, with only the appropriate material changes to support the increased steam temperatures.

The 50/60 Hz Dash-15 turbines (G-15 and D-15) have been built on a well-proven separate HP and IP section configuration. Separate casings for the High Pressure (HP) and Intermediate Pressure (IP) sections of the 50/60 Hz Dash-15 turbines enable modular design application flexibility and deliver enhanced performance (as compared to a combined HP/IP design) at ultra-supercritical steam pressures as high as 285 bar (4,134 psia).

The smaller mass of the individual shells for each section, compared to a combined HP/IP shell, enables greater operating flexibility with the 50/60 Hz Dash-15 turbines.

Proven performance

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GE applies the same steam path aerodynamic and sealing features as found in GE’s DensePack* steam turbine retrofit service offerings. With over 60 DensePack steam paths in operation, the advanced performance of these features is well proven. These features include:

  • Integral cover buckets
  • Abradable packing and tip seals
  • Advanced brush seals
  • TiN Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) protective coating

*Trademark of the General Electric Corp.