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GE Thermal Power India - Key Differentiators

GE—Helping India Meet Its Demand for Energy

GE has been helping deliver electricity to commercial and residential users around the world for more than 130 years. Our installed base of steam, gas, and combined-cycle turbines now exceeds 10,000 units, representing over a million megawatts (MW) of capacity in more than 120 countries. India’s rapidly expanding economy and energy needs demand a power generation partner with that kind of proven track record.

Our best-in-class products and solutions are scalable to solve a range of problems— 1-1,100 MW turbines and generators that can supply enough power for a factory or a city. Our products fit the needs of our customers and answer the most pressing power issues facing India.

GE continues to make advances in power generation that are specifically geared to the Indian market. Here are just a few highlights of the ways we will help commercial and residential power providers keep the lights on:

Our supercritical and ultra-supercritical G/D-15 series600-1,000 MW steam turbines, with separate high-pressure and intermediate-pressure sections, provide unparalleled operational efficiency.

State-of-the-art technologies—including abradable packing and tip seals, advanced brush seals, improved steam path aerodynamics, integral covered buckets, and Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) protective coating —deliver superior performance. With increasing fuel costs and stricter emission regulations in India, there is no better choice in the large fossil class of turbines.

FlexEfficiency* 50Combined-Cycle Power Plant—GE’s total plant design that features our combined-cycle turbine configurations.  FlexEfficiency 50 brings together our 109D-14 steam turbine, 9FB gas turbine, W28 generator, and our heat recovery steam generator. The system delivers world-class efficiency and output along with a high power density advantage to drive additional value for our customers.

Our advanced 9E gas turbine system creates more efficient and effective operations in steel plants and refineries. Fossil fuel byproducts and gases from blast furnaces and coke ovens that would otherwise go unused are harnessed to generate power and steam in this flexible, reliable turbine.

Power generation solutions are nearby

GE’s manufacturing center in Pune is responsible for building advanced turbine controllers. Meanwhile, the company’s engineering office in India and local service groups tailor our world-class products to fit into any operation or plant footprint. These groups also provide diagnostic troubleshooting, servicing, repairs, and upgrades to our customers. An international network of more than 500 specialized engineers and a global footprint that is unmatched by any other turbine manufacturer also back all of our power systems.

GE offers a full array of advanced technologies, works with our customers to drive growth, anticipates future energy needs, and powers a cleaner, more productive world. We’re on the ground in India with product support, design services, and engineering solutions to bolster the success of power producers.

*Trademark of the General Electric Corp.