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GE Thermal Power India - Gas and Combined-Cycle Turbines

GE’s family of heavy-duty simple and combined cycle gas turbines has found a home across India. In fact, these units are already generating 16 GW of power for the country’s consumers.

Electric authorities and independent power producers are using gas turbines to light homes and businesses. Industrial customers are using them to generate power for manufacturing chemicals, syngas, fertilizer, automobiles, and refined products.

Our simple and combined cycle gas turbines can output 5-500 MW of power with low emissions and high efficiency over a wide operating range. The GE product line also offers flexibility in fuel sources and operations. It is characteristics like these that Indian customers are looking for.

FlexEfficiency 50 Combined-Cycle Power Plant

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Setting a new standard in operational flexibility
Responsive and flexible 500 MW plant
Base load efficiency of 60% down to 87% load
51 MW/min emission-compliant ramp capability
One-button hot start-up in 30 minutes
Meets stringent permitting requirements
Unmatched efficiency matters in a world constrained by fuel prices
Efficient total plant design
Generator—Reduced site assembly, full grid code capability
Plant layout—Smaller footprint, improved serviceability
Gas turbine— > 40% SC efficiency, advanced compressor & turbine design
Steam turbine— > 40% shaft efficiency, three-casing HP/IP/ 2-flow LP
Plant controls—Digital architecture, performance-seeking algorithms
Ecomagination certified (compared to prior technologies)
Reduced fuel burn; 6.4Mm3 natural gas per year
Smaller carbon footprint; 12,700 metric tons of CO2 per year
Reduced NOx emissions; 10 metric tons of NOx per year
Low Life-Cycle Costs
Designed for twice the starts and hours capability compared to current GE technologies

9E Heavy Duty Gas Turbine

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Output of 128 MW and capable of achieving more than 52% efficiency in combined-cycle
Cost effective for 100-130 MW gas turbine range—more MW from the same gas volume
Fuel flexibility to burn a wide range of alternative fuels for lower operating costs, better efficiency, and lower emissions than other technologies
Operational flexibility that rapidly adapts to changing gas availability
Fast start, fast load capability
Advanced technology to extend the life of your equipment and plant, operational hours and/or start space
More rugged parts for increased availability and reliability
Reliable, low first-cost machine for peaking service in simple cycle
Compact design provides flexibility in plant layout as well as the easy addition of increments of power when phased capacity expansion is required