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Tomas Kellner
19 September 2019


Faces of the future:
Meet 3 people making a difference at GE India as it celebrates 120 years of innovation

Mahesh Palashikar discusses how India can decarbonise its Energy and Power sector

Deepesh Nanda on India’s energy transition journey towards net zero | Times Now Summit 2022

GE and Boeing bring additional thrust and durability to Indian aerospace

GE & Lockheed Martin help India’s defence aviation vision take flight

Enabling sustainable aviation with hybrid electric systems - GE Aerospace

Driving the energy transition
In emerging markets, partnerships and proof points.

Carbon Capture - A potential pathway to significantly reduce emissions

Achieving efficient grid management solutions - GE Grid Solutions

Reaching the future of flight with sustainable aviation

Reducing emissions in coal-fired power plants to improve air quality

Whitepaper on achieving Net Zero targets by 2070

Pump up the energy:
GE is transforming intermittent energy on the grid

White paper:
Women’s employment in Manufacturing, Operations and Engineering Services sector

On the road to decarbonization:
GE’s advanced premix combustors deliver cleaner, more power from hydrogen


TURBO - An aerospace update from GE in India
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