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Tomas Kellner
19 September 2019


Reducing emissions in coal-fired power plants to improve air quality

Innovation Series - GRID solutions
In the latest episode from the Innovation series, Parag Marathe from GE’s Grid Solutions talks about Modern Grid Management and GE's role in building one of the world’s most comprehensive and advanced energy management systems in India.

Innovation Series - Edison
Watch Girish Raghavan, Vice President of Engineering at GE Healthcare, shed light on how Edison™ helps GE execute its vision.

ETEnergyworld - GE - EY Fireside Chat
Fireside chat with Mahesh Palashikar, President, GE South Asia and Rajnish Gupta, Associate Partner, EY India on #decarbonisation for building a sustainable energy future.

Innovation Series - Sustainable Aviation
Watch Sanjeev Jha, Advanced Technology Organization Engineering Manager at GE’s JFWTC India Technology Centre campus.

Whitepaper on achieving Net Zero targets by 2070

Pump up the energy:
GE is transforming intermittent energy on the grid

White paper:
Women’s employment in Manufacturing, Operations and Engineering Services sector

On the road to decarbonization:
GE’s advanced premix combustors deliver cleaner, more power from hydrogen



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