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Powering a brighter future

Powering a brighter future

50% of the total power generated, transmitted, and distributed in India is on the back of GE technology. As the third-largest energy consuming country, India’s energy transformation needs decarbonization of production and distribution technologies, melding of gas power with solar and wind, upgradation and digitization of coal-based thermal plants. We are leading this transformation.

With 13 power and renewable industry equipment manufacturing facilities in India (five Grid, three LM Wind Power, one Gas Power in partnership with BHEL, three Steam Power and one multi-modal facility in Pune), GE Power services local as well as global markets. Our Hybrid Distributed Power system is not just bridging the energy availability gap in rural India but also in Ethiopia, Indonesia, and remote mines in Australia.


Steam Power

As one of the leaders in steam power generation equipment, we offer a broad portfolio of technologies and services predominately for nuclear and coal power plants. This helps our customers deliver reliable power as they transition to a lower carbon future. GE’s Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) technology is focused on reducing emission of coal plants and is instrumental in driving several critical projects in the country. 

Our manufacturing facilities in Durgapur (West Bengal), Sanand (Gujarat), Noida (Uttar Pradesh) provide our customers with the best available technology and service capabilities.

The state-of-the-art technology and services we provide are implemented in power plants and the installed base across various fuel sources, including nuclear, coal, oil, biomass, solar and municipal waste. The solutions we offer deliver better performance, greater efficiencies, and improved reliability, all at lower costs by helping customers in their lower-carbon path. GE Steam Power is currently executing around 25.2 GW emissions control projects and over 50 services projects.

Gas Power

Gas-based power plays an important role in driving growth of communities with flexible, and affordable energy. GE Gas Power has an installed base of over 260 gas turbines in India across utilities and industrial segments.

Natural gas is a crucial resource in helping emission reduction at pace and scale and fighting climate change. Our gas turbine technology provides energy security by producing reliable, accessible, and sustainable energy.