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Oil & Gas - John F. Welch Technology Center (JFWTC)


GE has long been known for its superior technology and commitment to research and development, and has invested heavily in research facilities located in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

The oldest and largest of these facilities, the John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC), was the first of GE’s multidisciplinary research and development centers established outside the United States. The product of a $175 million investment by GE, currently more than 4,000 engineers and scientists work at the JFWTC, and the center has over 1,000 patent applications to its credit. While JFWTC is able to take advantage of the many benefits of it location in India, including access to highly trained personnel and knowledge of the local market, it also works closely with the four other GE facilities that form the GE Global Research network, which includes centers in the United States, Germany, China and Brazil. GE has 300 engineers in India dedicated to developing new technologies immediately applicable to the oil and gas sector. These technologists are involved from concept to design in developing the latest in drilling and production systems, turbo machinery, and advanced technologies for high end computational analysis and materials testing.

Technology for remote and challenging areas

The company’s research and development efforts in the Indian context are especially relevant to the oil and gas sector. In India some of the most attractive prospects are either in remote or environmentally sensitive areas, which makes exploration, production and transportation especially technologically intensive endeavors.

The company’s Indian research and development facilities have played an integral part in developing the host of specialized technology necessary for GE’s integrated oil and gas modules. These modules combine a series of technologies, including advanced turbines, pumps, compressors, controls and auxiliaries, in an integrated package that can be tailored for a specific site and minimizes both site disturbance and the need for onsite construction.

The Pune Manufacturing Facility

While research and development is a key component of the company growth strategy, GE India is also focused on manufacturing technologically advanced products for the growing local market. In 2013, GE will begin making a series of products specially designed to support the local oil and gas industry at the new Pune manufacturing facility. With the Indian energy sector poised for rapid expansion over the next two decades, employing Pune will allow GE to meet growing local demand for a host of products. During its first phase of operation, the facility will focus on manufacturing products for electricity generation, power transmission and distribution and exploration and production. Pune will also give the company an Indian manufacturing base for rolling out environmentally friendly energy solutions like GE’s biogas power generation technologies to the local market. Moreover, the facility will help support GE’s forays into the Indian energy sector by providing assembly and production support for any GE business that needs local manufacturing capability.