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Oil & Gas

India has set ambitious goals for its domestic power sector, knowing that a reliable energy supply will be a key driver of economic growth.

The bulk of India’s energy will continue to come from oil and gas, so development of the country’s hydrocarbon resources is a key element of the government’s energy agenda. With a solid commitment from the authorities to jumpstart domestic oil and gas exploration, improve midstream distribution networks and gain efficiencies in energy production, a company will need to have a superior breadth of experience, knowledge of the local market, and access to the most advanced technologies to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities arising in the Indian oil and gas sector.

GE Oil & Gas - Ecomagination

GE Oil & Gas India - Operating Segments

GE Triveni-A Fruitful Partnership for Oil and Gas Industry in India

GE Oil & Gas India Technology- Innovation and the John F. Welch Technology Center(JFWTC)

About GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technologies and services with 37,000 employees in more than 100 countries supporting customers across the industry—from extraction to transportation to end use. Making the environment, health and safety, quality and integrity our highest priorities is The Way We Work. Our technologies and services include: surface and subsea drilling and production, monitoring and diagnostics, measurement and controls, large-scale LNG, pipeline compression and inspection, well site and industrial power generation, technologies for the refining and petrochemical industries, and modular CNG and LNG units for transportation sectors. Through our customized service solutions, training programs and technologies, GE Oil & Gas partners with customers to maximize their efficiency, productivity and equipment reliability; develop their next generation workforce; and fully benefit from the megatrends of natural gas, the growth of subsea and hard-to-reach reserves and the revolution in asset health management.

Local knowledge and partnerships

GE works hard to develop and maintain local expertise by pursuing strategic partnerships and investing in local facilities. In India, GE has partnered with local companies such as Triveni to take advantage of low-cost supply chains and local know-how. GE has also invested heavily in research and manufacturing facilities in the country, allowing us to develop and manufacture products specifically for the Indian market.

The result is a company that has a multitude of products for all aspects of the Indian oil and gas industry. More importantly, GE has capabilities that cut across the entire oil and gas value chain. Instead of simply providing products or services, we are able to provide lasting, integrated solutions to its clients. In the end, GE is the only company with the capabilities to match the wide-ranging needs of the Indian oil and gas sector.