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Intelligent Platforms

India Intelligent Platforms

GE’s Intelligent Platforms are keeping many of India’s critical industrial processes working safely and efficiently. Whether embedded at the heart of power generation, oil and gas production or the trains running metro systems around the country, GE products help our Indian customers better monitor, understand, and control their operations.

Hardware and Software for Process Control, Safety, Management and Analysis

GE’s Intelligent Platforms are helping India meet the challenges it faces in the 21st century. From control hardware managing critical equipment to software that remotely visualizes the entire industrial process chain, our IP product portfolio opens a window into operations for fine-grained management. We deliver industry-leading technology that works under the harshest conditions, tailored solutions, and world-class aftermarket services in the critical industries fueling India’s growth.

Fact Sheet India is a fast growing economy. GE Intelligent Platforms help our customers get ahead and stay ahead of demand through real-time information, analytics and automation.

Key Differentiators by Industry

Products and Services for Indian Customers

  • Conventional Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
    • GE Intelligent Platforms' family of traditional PLCs provide powerful solutions for small- to mid-range stand-alone or distributed industrial controls. Our PLCs have powered both discrete and process industries for nearly 25 years.
  • Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)
    • Expanding on traditional PLCs, GE's PAC controllers provide a highly reliable, high-performance advanced control platform for discrete logic, motion, and process control.
  • Datasheet on RXI
  • Datasheet on Rx3i
  • Distributed & Remote I/O
    • GE Intelligent Platforms provides high performance distributed I/O for demanding control applications. Profinet, the market-leading industrial network, connect all of our o I/O and controllers.
  • Motion Control
    • With applications in many industries, especially in motion-intensive industries such as packaging and high speed assembly, GE motion solutions deliver reduced costs via configuration flexibility, improved machine efficiency and increased productivity.
  • Industrial (Functional & Process) Safety Solutions
    • Our process safety solutions include hardware features such as analog input validation, line fault detection, and output dynamic testing.Software security features include programming security, programming change tracking, program validation with respect to language, coding and references, and determination of trusted and safe data sources.
  • Operator Interfaces & Industrial Computers
    • GE Intelligent Platforms offers a wide variety of high-performance industrial computers and industrial PCs that deliver best-in-class performance for traditional industrial and harsh environment applications. We provide a range of interfaces from small displays for OEM machinery to panel PC computing solutions that can be used in the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Automation & HMI/SCADA Software
    • GE offers HMI/SCADA software that helps drive software consistency across your plant for high performance. GE Proficy HMI/SCADA software products can be deployed for many different applications across your operations, enabling process optimization, operations control and sustainability with an interactive flash.
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
    • GE’s Proficy MES software enables shop-floor to ERP interoperability for optimized plant execution and supply-chain flexibility—improving performance and profitability. GE’s Proficy software makes this possible by transforming shop-floor data into the business context needed to execute on critical insight into every aspect of your production process.
  • Analytics Software
    • GE’s powerful analytical tools use leading-edge techniques to deliver the process and asset intelligence you need to maximize performance while reducing risk. GE’s advanced analytics help you continuously monitor and identify the causes for process variation and the impact of the process on your assets.
  • Military & Aerospace Embedded Computing
    • GE advances the capabilities of the warfighter by providing game-changing embedded computing technologies to defense manufacturers. These COTS and custom products reduce program risk, allow technology insertion with affordable readiness, and ultimately help platforms successfully reach deployment sooner with a lower total ownership cost.