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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable initiatives and social responsibility form an integral part of the Company through which, the Company manages the business of today with the future in mind. The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities reflect its philosophy of helping to build a better, more sustainable society. Over the years, across all sites, the Company has been engaged in several initiatives and has focused on strengthening the marginalized sections of the community through multiple interventions such as healthcare, access to clean drinking water, infrastructure development, support for persons with disabilities, skill development, entrepreneurship programs and during the year under review, COVID-19 Emergency Response. These programs are carefully curated depending upon the needs of the community for the overall development and upliftment of the society.

COVID-19 Emergency Response

Delhi – NCR, Vadodara, Padappai, Pallavaram and Hosur

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company prioritized response towards containing this global health crisis by supporting with strengthening the health system response, protection of health of front-line workers and providing food aid to the migrant workers and daily wage laborers with essential kits. The Company also extended its support to hospitals by supplying medical utility packages and essential safety kits to the frontline workers in five different geographical locations of the Company and vaccination support vehicle to the district authority.

 Village Development

Vadodara, Gujarat

 During the year under review, the Company renewed the comprehensive and multi-pronged program to support the communities in Vadodara, the location of the Company’s large transformer factory. ‘Pragati Ek Disha’, reaches out to five key villages of Kotambi Gram Panchayat, Alamgarh, Machhlipura, Singhapura and Jambudia Pura and focuses on providing healthcare and women empowerment through bank linkages and livelihood.

Healthcare was one of the major focus areas of this program. The programme has a health clinic at Kotambi which provides easy access to primary health services. Free medicine and consultancy services are provided to patients. The clinic conducts around 300 OPDs in a month. Specialized health camps were also organized in order to improve health and well-being of the community. These health clinic and camps helped in reducing the out-of-pocket expenditure of the villagers.

The program focused on strengthening and scaling up the self–help groups (SHGs), including building access to institutional credit, microenterprises training, greater collectivization, and access to market linkage. Trainings were organized on income generation activities like mop- making, phenyl and handwash making. Many women are also engaged in activities like agarbatti making, catering and mop making which has not only helped in enhancing their income but also has empowered them and made them more confident as individuals.

Skill Development

Delhi NCR

The Company has been on a journey to empower and train individuals through various skill development programs. The programs focus upon development of youth through vocational training in retail, hospitality and basic computer skills. As a part of project Samriddhi, the Company helped rural women from marginalized communities in North- West area of New Delhi by conducting trainings on financial literacy, equipping them with knowledge about effective planning and execution and business development in order to assist them to set up small scale businesses for a self- reliant livelihood.

The Hunar project located at Khora, Ghaziabad, is aimed at empowerment of the youth belonging to the disadvantaged sections through skill building trainings along with personality development. As part of the project, youths are equipped with essential market oriented vocational and life skills. The project so far has trained 1024 young men and women in retail and remedial services and were also trained in Financial Literacy workshops. 273 skilled youths were certified by India Skills, a third-party assessment agency, while 151 trainees have been placed with various companies.

Energy and Environment

The Company has the “Green Your Space” program which aims at spreading awareness among school children on undertaking sustainable activities and giving them an opportunity to come up with ideas on sustainability in their respective communities.

Schools and Children

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

The Company initiated supporting the first batch of Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) programme at Noida chapter. It is a programme which aims at providing financial support and mentoring to girls from underprivileged sections of the society and are socially or economically challenged. The USF Programme supports girls over the course of their entire journey, from Class XI until competition of university or vocational training alongside an employability module. They receive far more than just financial provision, as the programme includes mentoring, resource workshops, multi- day residential camps and education on social issues. Udayan Care firmly believes that its Fellows must start giving back to society at the same time as they receive help. Towards this, the programme has a component of 50 hours of obligatory social work for them.

During the year under review, due to the pandemic, two digital surveys were also conducted to assess the need of smartphones amongst the Shalinis, enabling them by way of providing smartphone to attend their classes and workshops online.

The Company has also initiated development of Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics (STEM) tinkering labs at two schools at Noida, wherein approximately 450 student beneficiaries will get hands-on experience on different STEM kits, robotic kits and modules under the supervision of a well-educated and trained facilitator in STEM education. The students would also get the chance to be digital literate and learn concepts. Participants would also get a chance to learn life-skills and will be provided with career-counselling to develop their goals and to participate in talent and creativity enhancing competitions.

Padappai, Pallavaram and Hosur, Tamil Nadu

The Company has re-invested its support into setting up of a smart class at Panchayat Union Middle School, Keelpadappai. The Company has also undertaken renovation of the science lab at Thally Higher Secondary School, Hosur. The Company will also be providing infrastructure support to Cantonment Primary School at Pallavaram.


Padappai and Hosur

While quality healthcare is the fundamental right of every individual, challenges such as lack of proper infrastructure, dearth of medical functionaries, and medical facilities plague majority of India’s population living in rural areas. As a measure to bridge this gap, the Company has continued its preventive healthcare programme of mobile medical unit at Padappai and also initiated deployment of another Mobile Health Unit (MHU) at Hosur.

The project aims at bringing healthcare services to the doorstep of disadvantaged communities in remote areas. This initiative not only helps to mobilize the community, but it also ensures greater outreach among rural people to avail its services free of cost. Awareness sessions on the COVID-19 pandemic and related hygiene, distancing and masking wearing were also conducted.

At Padappai and Hosur, the Company’s clean water initiative which aims at providing access to clean drinking water to local communities is still ongoing and self-sustaining.

Support for people with Disabilities

NCR, Vadodara, Padappai, Pallavaram and Hosur

The Company completed a programme for the benefit of visually impaired students to access online library and thereby enabling them to have access to education, rehabilitation and welfare, for their empowerment and independent living. The visually impaired students were provided with laptops with pre-installed screen reading software. Relevant curriculum books were converted to accessible digital format and uploaded to Sugamya Pustakalaya, national online library for print disabled, providing access to the needy students across India. Several online trainings were given to the students. The project provided a holistic solution to Visually impaired students for pursing their education independently.

The Company has continued its support this year by way of another programme designed for providing assistive devices to approximately 300 students along with their course contents in accessible digital format and training to use these solutions efficiently. In order to maximize the impact through this project and to serve specific need of end users, the students will be able to choose assistive device of their preference.