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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Pallavaram

Corporate social responsibility and Inclusiveness are part of GE Sustainability strategy.  In our context, it has wider connotations. Diversity, efficient resources management, climate change and engaging our partners in the process of sustainability are part of the overall agenda. Through employee volunteering, sustainability goals, contribution by our global Foundation and country CSR efforts, GE as a group has endeavoured to prioritise our commitment towards sustainable and inclusive development.

Our community development programmes extend our thrust on sustainability and product innovation in our business operations, such as Ecomagination and Healthymagination, which are part of our growth strategy to enhance resource productivity and reduce environmental impact at a global scale through commercial solutions for our customers and through our own operations.

The company has sustained focus on local community development through multifarious, locally relevant and need-based activities. These include building and supporting educational infrastructure, improving the facilities for children with disabilities and children in the anganwadi centres, village development, and working towards providing access to health services, water, sanitation and electricity.

Villages Development

In Vadodara, we have a comprehensive programme on providing need-based support in the five villages of Kotambi, Alamgarh, Machalipura, Bhavpura and Govindpura.  We have continued our efforts from last year wherein we strengthened the anganwadi and schools infrastructure as well as improved the water availability in the villages. This year, we have continued on our work with the anganwadi centres and schools, including clean drinking water. We have renovated and improved the facilities at the village milk collection centre, which has resulted in faster collection, improved measurement, cleanliness, more energy efficient lighting and heating, and better overall facilities.   

The other part of the programme involves extensive development inputs in the form of empowering women through women self-help groups (SHG), financial literacy and schemes training, capacity building of farming community, providing safe drinking water, regular health camps and vocational training. The outcomes from the programme include 18 SHGs with their own revolving fund, capacity building of 254 women and 122 farmers, health services for 450 people and establishment of water treatment plant that should benefit the entire neighbourhood with clean and safe drinking water.

CSR Vadodara


The poor suffer from proportionately high expense on health. Adverse impact and expenditure on health affects the income and education prospects of such families. The elderly, especially, suffer from lack of proper access to basic health.

Our health programmes have tried to provide basic health services through a mobile medical van in and around the city of Chennai covering largely population which does not have affordable access to basic health services. In addition, we have sponsored cataract surgeries of over 3,000 people in Tamil Nadu, leading to dignity, respect and safety for the elderly.

CSR Vadodara

Access to electricity through clean energy

The village Rehi Kala and the neighbouring villages located about 7 km from Naini (where GE’s factory is located) were witnessing very poor quality of power supply, with average supply of power being 7-8 hours during off-peak hours. 

In absence of electricity in the evening hours (most useful hours for villagers), the households were completely dependent on expensive and polluting kerosene. Apart from suffering with dim & poor lighting from kerosene lamps, the households, mainly kids and women were exposed to toxic fumes coming out from such lanterns.  Many households being very poor could not afford to buy kerosene as the available quota of kerosene from Public Distribution System falls short to meet their requirement and they prefer to stay in dark instead. With poor kerosene lighting it is difficult to imagine how students in villages can study or how women would have been cooking or how family members would have been taking their dinner or for that matter what would be the socio-economic living standard.

Further the villages didn’t have any street lights.  After sunset, the village and street roads were engulfed in pitch darkness, exposing inhabitants to various nuisances like snake bites, insect bites, theft, kidnapping etc. with no sense of security.

We are installing a 12 KW Solar Minigrid in the Village with associated Power Distribution Network with metering and other protections with battery back up to meet energy needs during evening hours. We are electrifying 100 rural households who otherwise do not have financial capacity to go for inverters/solar power plants etc. and installing 20 nos. of high bright LED street lights to illuminate village roads for full night.

CSR Vadodara

Education and children

At Naini, near Allahabad, we have supported seven primary schools and with RO water, a booster pump, improved flooring and painting, electrical fittings for improved safety, gating and boundary walls for protection and security, civil work to strengthen structures, clean drinking water and sanitation.

In Naini, we continued to help address demand driven needs in health delivery in Sarojini Naidu Children Hospital by providing dialysis machine to treat sick children, nebuliser, heat blowers and desert coolers. In addition, we also undertook repair of wash rooms which needed attention. An estimated 1,000 beneficiaries stand to benefit from this support. We have installed 10 handpumps to address scarcity of water benefitting over 500 beneficiaries. We have installed water purifiers in 5 schools benefitting over 500 beneficiaries directly. In line with the critical requirement of hygiene and sanitation, we have installed biotoilets in 6 schools benefitting over 200 people, and a complete sanitation complex in a girls college to benefit over 600 beneficiaries.  Safety and protection are observed as neglected areas. Realising the critical need for safety, protective safety railings were constructed at the Primary Rashtriya Shishu Vidyalaya.   

At Pallavaram, we strengthened our past support to the two cantonment schools which we have been supporting since last year. The high school was provided with state of the art science laboratory, which filled a much-needed gap in education facility in the school. In the primary school, we have provided for smart education centre which is turning out to be a great aid in learning through enhanced audio-visual experience, supplementing the traditional classroom teaching.  A specialised sensitisation and awareness programme, Project NIRMANA, with targeted messages on health, hygiene, cleanliness and child abuse has been implemented through role-play and highly interactive learning environment lending to retention of information and application of the learning in day to day life. Targeted communication on sexual harassment to adolescent children is aimed to improve their sensitivity and handling ability. Project NIRMANA’s contents and delivery have been lauded by the Chief Executive of Cantonment School and the schools have adopted it in their regular school teaching curriculum. We have also provided maintenance support for the toilets constructed by us last year. All in all, over 2,000 children in the two schools have greatly benefitted.  

At Hosur, we have supported the Government Boys High School, which educates 830 boys and 70 girls, with a multiutility stage for facilitating events, cultural activities and performances from the students. In Government Girls High School, the biggest in Hosur with over 2,800 girls, we have constructed a structure capable of taking the load of 5,000 litres water tank which has ensured continuous water supply in the school. We have also improved the security for girls by building a portion of a boundary wall which prevents unauthorized entry. We have also created paved lanes at strategic areas, improved the toilet facilities and fully renovated the existing chemistry laboratory block, which was in a bad condition. In Government Industrial Training Institute, which has over 650 students, including 150 girls, we provided a borewell with pump and pipelines, ensuring continual access to water for the students and staff, an urgent need which had remained unfulfilled for them since 2016.  This is helping not only the campus but also the hostel.

CSR Vadodara

Support For People With Disabilities

In Chennai, we provided comprehensive need-based support to Saint Louis Institute for the Deaf and Blind. The school is well-known for its grooming of differently abled children for more than 50 years. We supported the school with a full-set of musical instruments, providing them with improved music learning opportunities. We have provided for a computer laboratory, benefitting especially the hearing impaired. We have also provided for a smart education centre to especially help the hearing impaired to help them with visual learning. We also replaced their old furniture for children, by providing 150 tables and chairs.  In all more than 600 children of the institute benefitted from the activity.

In Naini, the company had been supported homes for people with disabilities since 2014 which has brought not only more convenience with improved quality of life, but also healthier environment. This was continued this year at the government supported Accelerated Learning Camps at Naini by supporting with improved toilets, user-friendly walking sticks for children, in-house improved audio-visual facility for engaging and leisure, and new batteries for inverter. In addition, we have provided with fresh sleeping cots. Overall, the contributions benefit more than 80 children.

CSR Vadodara

Our CSR programmes have strong employee volunteer participation. For the innumerable employee volunteers, who actively participate in implementing and supporting the CSR projects, it is not only an immensely rewarding experience of close engagement with communities, but also develops greater connect to society.