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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Tomas Kellner
19 September 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and inclusiveness are part of our sustainability strategy, diversity, efficient resources management and engaging our internal and external stakeholders in the process of sustainability as part of the overall agenda. Through employee volunteering, sustainability goals and CSR efforts, the company has endeavoured to prioritise commitment towards sustainable and inclusive development. The CSR projects during the year were driven to touch lives of the communities in which the company operates and therefore the focus has been on projects promoting healthcare, education, women empowerment, employability enhancing vocational skills and environmental sustainability.

COVID-19 testing Kiosks

We undertook infrastructure and developmental initiatives in partnership with United Way Delhi, towards the pandemic COVID-19. The objective of the initiative was to ease the State Government in collecting the COVID-19 samples by maintaining the safe and healthy social distancing norms between the patient and doctor in the current pandemic. The project aims to enhance the sample collection process and speeding the entire process by installing five 16-gauge aluminium section, a portable testing booth in medical premises in few cities of Uttar Pradesh to initiate safe sample collection/testing between patients and doctors in the situation of COVID-19.

Preventive healthcare to rural community through Mobile Healthcare Unit

In Durgapur (West Bengal) we have deployed mobile Medical Health Units (MHU) in partnership with Helpage India to provide basic healthcare to the people and cater to the essential healthcare needs, enhance the health status and create awareness amongst the underprivileged and needy senior citizens in remote villages. MHU equipped with a doctor, pharmacist and medicines, visits nearby tribal villages and provides essential diagnostic tests, free medication, preventive health care checks. The team conducts health related activities including COVID-19 awareness during their visits. During FY 2020- 21, the project served more than 8000 beneficiaries in Durgapur.

Community Development Initiatives

We are also focused on promoting education, environmental sustainability and making available safe drinking water programme by partnering with Swami Vivekananda Vani Prachar Samity (SVVPS). In 4 tribal villages of Durgapur, i.e., Moldanga, Fuljhore, Upper Fuljhore Adibashipara and Kathaldanga, your Company undertook projects to provide basic non-formal education to 114 tribal children. Further, to ensure environmental sustainability & provide alternate avenues of employment generation, a project to rejuvenate a pond for fruit farming and pisciculture at Kathaldanga have also been undertaken. This project also focused on construction of community centre, installation of solar streetlight and drinking water facilities at Ghatak Danga & Upper Fuljhor, Adibasipara.

Upskilling the Construction workers for better job opportunities

We undertook a programme on sustainable income generation and livelihood support in partnership with Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) across project sites in India. This skill development initiative would upskill over two thousand workers engaged in the construction industry, enhancing their employability quotient, and making India more competitive in the comity of nations.

Narrowing the digital divide during COVID-19

We undertook a project to narrow down the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic. With online schooling, a fair section of the underserved government-school/NGO-schools students are facing difficulties in continuing their education due to lack of access to digital devices and internet connection. In partnership with United Way Delhi, we aim at bridging this gap and ensuring holistic and quality education for the needy students in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. This project aims to provide Digital education support for 160 students along with Internet connection data packages for 1 year to ensure smooth access to online classes, an additional warranty of 1 year on manufacturing defects and accidental damage has been given by the company.

Empowering and enabling girls to the leadership role through STEM Education

We undertook a project in partnership with United Way Delhi that aims to liberate those socio-economically disadvantaged girls who have entered professional education despite various challenges and lack relevant exposure, skills and role models in their community. This project aims to help these young girls navigate through the complexities of corporate life and break the glass-ceiling. The company initiative prepares them for leadership roles, thereby creating a wider talent pool for India Inc and helping bridge the gender divide. For the initial stage, the program proposes enrolling 30 girl students around Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Contribution to PM-CARES Fund to help the nation fight the Pandemic

During the year, we contributed towards PM-CARES Fund, to help the nation fight the pandemic and express our solidarity with the nation’s efforts.