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Enabling access to quality, affordable healthcare

Established in 1990, Wipro GE Healthcare Private Limited (WGE) (a Joint Venture between General Electric Company, USA and Wipro Enterprises Limited, India) is one of the most successful and longest-running JVs in the region with operations spread across India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan. The company is the largest Medical Technology player in the South Asia region transforming the lives of over 300 million people with the largest installed medical equipment base in the country.

WGE is focused on addressing some of the toughest healthcare challenges for the past 30 years - lowering maternal and infant deaths, enabling early detection of cancer, addressing heart diseases effectively and driving better outcomes for trauma patients among others.

India’s healthcare system is paradoxical - on one hand, it boasts of the ‘best-in-class’ healthcare delivery system that attracts medical tourists from across the world, and on the other, it is characterized by a near absence of accessible, affordable and quality health services for a large part of its population. A strong healthcare system is an important landmark in a country’s growth journey and WGE has been instrumental in improving lives in moments that matter.

General Electric
Long before ‘Make in India’ caught on, we were building medical technologies in India, for India, and for the world. Our more than 1,900 technologists and engineers are researching and developing new technologies to improve the lives of people and communities.

As the largest medical technology player in South Asia, we drive access to high-quality, affordable healthcare, address skill gaps and provide remote support solutions for our products. Our Healthcare Technology Center-India is the largest R&D Center of GE Healthcare outside the US.

Quick Facts

1 bn+ patients

Over 1 billion patients are served annually through integrated clinical care, connected technology, and data across the patient journey.

4 mn+ installations

An installed base of over 4 million healthcare installations.

5 mn beneficiaries

5 mn people benefit from GE Healthcare's equipment every year in Bangladesh.

3500+ patents

Over 6000 technologists and engineers developing multidisciplinary innovations have helped GE file over 3500 patents.