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TOP 25 TEAMS ANNOUNCED FOR THE GRAND FINALE on March 16-17, 2016 at GE John F. Welch Technology Centre, Bangalore.


How to register

Register your team by sending an email to The registration email must include following details:

  1. Team name;
  2. Team leader name and department;
  3. Team member names and departments;
  4. Name of the institute / university;
  5. Contact details (email and phone);
  6. Project title;
  7. Project objective (abstract of 200 words)

The team leader shall be the considered as the point of contact for your team for all communications. Last date for sending the registration email is 17 January 2016 (20:00 IST).

Confirmation of registration will be sent to you by 22 January 2016 (20:00 IST). Please note the registration number allocated to you. You will be identified by the registration number and all your future correspondences should mention your registration number.

Detailed project report

  • On receiving confirmation of your team’s registration, you may work towards building your idea and a detailed project report.
  • Each team will be assigned with a coach from GE to guide them on the final report. Intimation on the coach to respective teams will be communicated by 29 January 2016 (20:00 IST).
  • Guidelines/templates for report submission will be emailed to participants.
  • Submissions shall include the following:
    1. An abstract of not more than 500 words, describing concisely the team's work.
    2. Certification by a faculty member at your institute for the originality of the work done by the team.
    3. Declaration by the academic institute, preferably from the representative of the incubation cell of the institute.
    4. A detailed project report as per the template.
  • Detailed project report shall be submitted via email at
  • The subject of the email should be Report_Submission_Your Registration Number.
  • The last date for submission of detailed project report is 15 February 2016 (20:00 IST).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Full time Bachelors / Masters / Doctoral students of accredited Indian educational institutions above 18 years of age are eligible to participate.
  • Teams must consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 students from the same institute, from at least 3 different disciplines / departments.
  • In the event of any change in the constitution of the team, the team would not be able to continue further and compete in the Challenge.
  • Non-Indian nationals can participate provided they are a full-time student of the institute till the final round of the GE Edison Challenge 2016.
  • In the event that any of the students graduate from the institute, either during the GE Edison Challenge or while being a member of the winner/runner-up team, their university would be the final deciding authority on how the team can go forward in the Challenge or how the funds shall be allocated.
  • Each participant can be part of only one team.
  • Faculty members cannot be part of your team. They cannot provide solutions / inputs and should only provide general guidance to the team from their institute.