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What kind of internships does GE offer?

We offer internships to management students specializing in the area of Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance and IT.

Additionally, we offer internships to engineering students in Commercial (Sales/Services) and Manufacturing/Operations across GE businesses and at the John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) in Bangalore under the Early Identification Program (EID).

For more details on internship opportunities that we offer, please click here

At what time of the year do GE Internship programs take place?

How long does internship last? Internship program for management students usually lasts for 8-12 weeks. Summer internships begin around April-May and Autumn Internships around October-November.

For engineering students, internship opportunities are open throughout the year depending on the business and project requirements.

What are the eligibility criteria for internships?

Internships at GE aim to attract candidates who are highly motivated and have demonstrated consistent academic excellence and leadership ability. Furthermore, we seek candidates who are geographically mobile and possess a global mindset. We hire interns across multiple streams which include Commercial, Finance, Information Technology, Engineering & Human Resources. For further details with regard to your specific stream of education, get in touch with your Placement Office.

Which locations do interns work out of?

In India, GE has offices in more than 30 cities, major locations include Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune.

However, we expect all our interns to be geographically mobile, as per business needs. We do not consider location preferences.

What kind of projects do interns get to work on?

At GE, we believe in making your internship meaningful. Projects are carefully selected, so that interns get an opportunity to work in ‘live’ projects.

To find out more about the kinds of projects which have been done by the interns in the previous years, please visit the student profiles on our pages.

Can you tell me more about the Pre-Placement Offer/Pre-Placement Interview policy of GE?

We have a strong PPO/PPI policy at GE. The PPO evaluation is done at the end of the internship period for all interns based on individual performance, culture fit and overall business requirements. We have a rigorous system of evaluating individual performance through a timely goal-setting process and a robust feedback mechanism.

I am very interested in applying for an internship. How do I get started?

We offer internship opportunities to students from select campuses where we go to hire from. The single best way to get started is to attend a GE Pre–placement session or interview on your college campus.

My college wants GE to visit our campus. What should we do?

We visit select campuses based on rigorous evaluation, for on-campus recruitment. You can ask your Placement officer to get in touch with us through our Placement Connect. Our campus selection is based on Assessment of GE fit, Salary & expectations, Internship Experience with the institute, Alumni Strength and Performance & Retention Trends. The list of campuses that we hire from gets revisited annually. Feel free to send in your queries related to MBA to [email protected] and related to engineering to [email protected]

I’m a fresher. Does GE consider students with no prior experience for internships?

We’re open to hiring students without prior experience, depending on business and project requirements. . Information on all open jobs can be viewed at GE India careers-jobs. You can apply to suitable positions through the same.

Do you hire interns off-campus?

If yes, how can I apply? Presently we provide internships to students from select campuses, through an on-campus process only.

I am currently in MBA second year, how can I apply to your Entry Level Leadership Programs?

We hire for leadership programs typically through an on campus placement process. Please check with your placement committee on the same. Attending an on campus placement process is the best way to join our prestigious entry level leadership programs.