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Internship Opportunities

Why intern with GE?

We are an innovative technology company tackling the world’s toughest challenges. As an intern, you get to work on big ideas that really matter.

During your internship experience, you get the opportunity to work with industry - experts and apply your theoretical knowledge to real business problems. What really stands out in GE Internships is the quality of our projects coupled with great learning opportunities and our amazing work culture.

Hear from some of our previous interns as they share their perspectives and experiences, so that you can make an informed career choice with us.

Shreyansh Jain

MBA at NMIMS Mumbai CLP Intern 2013

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Tell us about your project

My project was on based on detailed market research across India, Srilanka and Bangladesh. It included complete market assessment of the past and future projects. Mapping of stakeholders and competitors, creation of a comprehensive database of all projects can be used as a ready reckoner when an opportunity of a new project comes up in future.

What did you like most about the work culture at GE India?

One thing I like the most is that irrespective of the level, one can approach any business leader to seek help and guidance.

Why should a student intern with GE India? What was the best part of your internship?

The project that a student gets at GE is on things that are important to the company and are directly related to current business scenario. This gives a sense to the student that he is doing something that is worth to the company. Internship at GE India is a perfect combination of learning and fun. Apart from the project there are various activities that are organized from time to time by Health Ahead and GE Volunteers.

What inspired you at GE India?

The People and Culture of GE. It’s an unforgettable experience!

Aniket Sharma

MBA at SIBM Pune HR Intern 2013

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Tell us about your project

During my internship I focused on developing and launching a “Functional Leadership Academy”, an extensive, 12 week leadership development program to ensure that functional Managers at GE India, across all business are able to take on the responsibility of their expanded roles.

What did you like most about the work culture at GE India?

GE is a flat organization that gave me an opportunity to interact with senior leadership. Everyone at GE regardless of their level takes interest in your work and happily helps you out. Candidness only adds to their approachability. In all the conversations I’ve had, I’ve never been made to feel unwelcome and have always been treated as part of the One GE India family.

Why should a student intern with GE India? What was the best part of your internship?

The best part of the projects at GE India is that they are completely live and tangible and directly related to real business scenarios that the organization is facing. As a student, working on something so real is a big learning experience. I could see that my work made a difference. That is a huge takeaway for an intern like me.

What inspired you at GE India?

The independence and unwavering support that I received from my assignment leader inspired me the most. The best moment of my internship was when he said, ‘I couldn’t have done this without you’. Genuine appreciation for my work inspired me to put in even more.

Sounak Sarkar

PGP IIM Ahmedabad FMP Intern 2013

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Tell us about your project

My project encompassed several cost out initiatives devised by me that resulted in a potential cost saving of US $18,000 annually to a business at GE India.

What did you like most about the work culture at GE INDIA?

Work culture in GE is highly cooperative and collaborative. GE follows a true open door policy. It really helped me to develop a broader corporate outlook.

Why should a student intern with GE India? What was the best part of your internship?

GE India gives a unique opportunity to work across functions and to interact with leadership. The assigned projects are well structured, critical to business and have measurable end deliverables.

What inspired you at GE India?

My assignment leader provided right balance of guidance and autonomy. As the project was real time, all stakeholders gave due importance towards completion of the projects.

Srijanani Chandrasekaran

MBA at NMIMS, Mumbai ITLP Intern 2013

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Tell us about your project

My project involved data migration strategy for a business merger at GE India. My module will ensure that the organization can retain the data history and hence, can avoid penalties because of the data mismatch that could be caused by the merger. The project is aligned to the simplification drive by ensuring that reporting now happens from one legal entity.

What did you like most about the work culture at GE India?

The culture at GE India is very motivating for the new entrants. The leaders understand the interns and their objectives and share their experiences and knowledge with us. The leadership program alum guided us and helped us to be comfortable at GE.

Why should a student intern with GE India? What was the best part of your internship?

GE gives utmost importance to its interns and the projects that are assigned are live and have direct business impact. The students are given the opportunity to apply their concepts in the real business scenarios to give optimal solutions to the organization. The recommendations given by the student are taken seriously and implemented in GE if they prove to generate business benefits.

One of my goals was to explore an emerging technology (Big Data) and recommend its utilization in GE India. I had an opportunity to talk to various leaders for understanding big data initiatives in GE. The best part was that I presented the research to the India region folks as a part of learning session where all leaders were interested to learn about the technology from an intern.

What inspired you at GE India?

The ownership given to me in my project inspired me to give my best towards it. The work was challenging and involved tremendous scope for learning. The internship itself was very well structured and the leaders I interacted with had also started through the leadership programs.

Anupam Sharma

Electrical (Power) Engineering at IIT Delhi Intern in Electromechanical Systems Lab (GRC)

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Tell us about your project.

My project involved Fault Detection using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) technique.

What did you like most about the work culture at GE?

The freedom and ownership that a GE employee has is a very significant part of GE’s work culture. Besides, the importance given to innovative ideas and techniques here is admirable. Friendly and cooperative nature of employees is another thing I appreciate.

What inspired you at GE?

I believe every job can be inspiring if proper direction and motivation is provided. Throughout my internship period, I’ve received guidance and regular feedback from my Project Leader and Team-Manager which proved to be vital for my project and also helped me improve a lot and plan my steps accordingly. Adding to inspiration level was the highly exciting and stimulating project, which was absolutely novel to technical arena.

What makes GE a great place to learn?

GE offers a prodigious opportunity for practical implementation of technical/engineering concepts and theories, and to explore latest and hands-on knowledge. Lab facilities, infrastructure and sophistication level of equipment provided here are also commendable. It never occurred to me that I am training but in fact learning at GE and that has been a thrilling and gratifying experience.

Types of internships

MBA Internship opportunities

We offer internships for the Commercial Leadership Program (CLP), Financial Management Program (FMP), Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) as well as in the area of Human Resources.

An Internship opportunity in any one of the programs above is a stepping stone to joining GE’s hallmark Leadership Programs directly from campus.

Engineering Internship opportunities

GE offers internships to qualified Engineering graduates in Technology, Commercial (Sales/Services) and Manufacturing/Operations across GE businesses. The duration of the internships is subject to business requirements.

GE’s Global Research Centre in Bangalore, John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) offers Early Identification Program (EID) which is an opportunity for Undergraduate and Graduate Engineers to work on live technology challenges, gain hands-on experience and share space with some of the world’s most prolific inventors and scientists.

To know more about our Entry-level Leadership Programs, please click here

How You Can Apply

GE India recruits interns from select campuses across India based on a rigorous evaluation process. If you are keen in applying for an internship opportunity with GE, we request you to consult your Campus Placement Office.