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Sustainable Food Development

The Food Project North Shore in Greater Boston

The GE Volunteers of Greater Boston have supported the Food Project North Shore for more than three years. The mission of the project is to build a sustainable food systems through working with a diverse community of youth and adults.

The Food Project North Shore, which produces organic food on one acre of reclaimed urban land in Lynn, Massachusetts, educates 170 children at Ingalls Elementary School about land use and nutrition and also provides internships for 40 high school students. In addition, more than 45,000 servings of vegetables are donated to families in need through My Brother's Table and other pantries each year.

GE Volunteers provide crucial help in the mission by providing labor and funding to maintain and improve the land — and also planting and harvesting the crops in the spring and fall. More than 100 volunteers donate 400 hours each year.

In addition, leaders and GE affinity groups sponsor lunches for weekend sessions and develop new ideas like "Iron Chef Aviation" and canning event fundraisers.

GE employee participation in the GE Foundation Matching Gifts program has further enabled the Food Project to expand its reach by supporting more teen leaders and improving infrastructure for better food delivery and increased awareness of the project.