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Disaster Relief

Throughout the world, GE Volunteers are rolling up their sleeves as mentors, tutors, builders and friends - donating time and money in community-based projects. And when Mother Nature takes her toll, the Disaster Relief Fund established by the GE Volunteers Foundation enables GE people to assist affected communities.

In the tsunami-ravaged region of Phang Nga, Thailand, the GE Disaster Relief Fund provided $25,000 for construction materials so that GE Volunteers could help revive the Ban Thung Wa village. After Hurricanes Rita and Katrina ravaged America's Gulf Coast, the GE Disaster Relief Fund provided nearly half a billion dollars to support affected GE employees.

GE Volunteers respond whenever and wherever we find a need.

Flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

In June 2008, floods in the Midwest United States devastated the heart of Iowa. In the wake of this disaster, local GE Volunteers in the Cedar Rapids area came together to support their coworkers and community, despite severe obstacles such as weather, closed roads and dangerous conditions.

GE Volunteer Krista Neumann and her husband spent a night filling and placing sandbags for the Cedar Rapids Water Department. Their efforts helped to save a water well — the only one in Cedar Rapids that would survive the flood. From there, they moved to Mercy Hospital where they helped until 3 a.m.

Another GE employee and volunteer firefighter, Joseph Honn, helped rescue people and animals that had been trapped in their homes by the swiftly rising water.

GE Volunteers also assisted the City of Cedar Rapids – building a database of flood-damaged homes, cataloging artifacts for the African American Museum, answering phones at United Way 2-1-1, manning concessions at fundraisers and caring for displaced pets at a temporary animal shelter. Employees also volunteered their time outside of GE Volunteers events, mucking out local houses and businesses and cleaning up debris.

The Cedar Rapids location has volunteered more than 900 hours on behalf of GE Volunteers and hundreds more individually.