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GE Transportation in Indonesia

GE has been supporting Indonesia’s railway for over 60 years, since 1953 when Indonesian rail bought its first GE locomotive. Now, over 320 GE locomotives are running in Indonesia, transporting 200 million people and freight annually.

Products & Services:

a. Marine Engines

GE Marine has been a global leader in diesel engines for more than 40 years, providing dependable, long-lasting, durable and efficient power to vessels. The latest generation of engines also engineered with the environment in mind, such as the V250 Marine Diesel engine, which reduces emissions by 50 percent.

b. Trip Optimizer

Deployed on locomotives, GE’s Trip Optimizer™ uses detailed information from sensors, onboard computers, and GPS to reduce unnecessary braking and throttling. The solution reduces train transportation costs as well as emissions. 

c. PowerHaul Locomotive

Meeting EU Stage IIIa emissions standards requires advanced engine technology, which GE’s PowerHaul™ Locomotive delivers. Compared to a typical UIC Stage II compliant lightweight heavy haul locomotive, the PowerHaul reduces fuel consumption, operating costs and associated CO2 emissions. 


a. NextFuel Locomotive

GE’s NextFuel Locomotive’s low-pressure system allows the engines to run on 100 percent diesel, in case of problems with liquefied natural gas availability or onboard fuel delivery.