Increased availability and life extension

Advanced steam path

Older steam turbines can be unreliable and require frequent repairs or component replacements. Even without major operational problems, a unit with high service hours is at risk as it reaches the end of its design life. Advanced steam path (ASP) can solve many maintenance and lifetime problems.

D10/D11 advanced steam path

A cost-effective alternative to a complete section replacement in cases where HP/IP shell condition is not a concern, GE’s advanced steam path (ASP) upgrade delivers up to a 2% increase in steam turbine output (in the same bottoming cycle) through the recovery of aging losses and improved technology.

The typical post-upgrade regular maintenance interval is 100,000 hours, which is very likely to be longer than the original design, thus saving costs and increasing availability.

ASP Lite

The ASP “Lite” upgrade addresses multiple TILs with a solution that includes improved materials, blade profiles, and advanced sealing for improved thermal efficiency. The new steam path provides improved reliability, availability, and thermal efficiency for increased MW output, and reduced plant heat rate.

Key features:

  • New rotating blades for at least the first two stages of the HP and IP sections
  • New singlet diaphragms, if dished more than 0.1 inches
  • Refurbished diaphragms, if dished between 0.06 inches – 0.1 inches
  • Modern seals with improved clearances
  • New N2 packing head
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