Prevent steam turbine outages with testing

Our inspection and testing services can help prevent catastrophic high-speed rotor issues and future steam turbine outages. Critical to managing our global presence, GE has mastered the logistics necessary to maintain reliable supply chains, coordinate resources, and comply with regional regulations.

Rotor-specific tests and analysis

Boresonic inspection of older bored rotors looks for indications of deterioration from the inside to the outside.

  • Periphery ultrasonic testing for solid rotors examines the outside of the rotor for indications of potential issues. Phased array wheel dovetail testing looks for indications of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) in time to repair the wheel and prevent bucket liberation.
  • Wheelsonic inspections employ a series of tests to evaluate the integrity of wheels on a built-up, low-pressure rotor.
  • Finger bucket dovetail inspections provide a comprehensive look that includes:
    - Non-destructive testing (NDT)
    - Electromagnetic testing (EMT)
    - Borescope

Reduce outage time with on-site services

Transporting turbine components off site for repair can increase your outage time by days or weeks, while the additional handling requirements can expose the equipment to risk of further damage. GE’s On-site Services (OSS) offers highly technical onsite inspections and premium repairs for global power generation customers through our EHS, quality, technical, and operational excellence.

Responsive, full service

We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations, on budget, every time. We bring the inspection and repairs directly to your location to help you reduce steam turbine outage time and achieve substantial cost-savings.

Comprehensive steam turbine services: We provide a full range of services—from typical inspections, repair and machining to highly specialized services offered by GE Power.

Extensive tooling: GE’s OSS is one of the largest onsite service organizations, with more than 500 pieces of portable equipment and an extensive tooling inventory.

Experience: Our team of qualified GE specialists includes machining supervisors, engineers and technicians with an average experience level of more than 20 years.

Global responsiveness: All equipment is completely mobile and can be transported to any required destination around the world within hours of notification.

Repair solutions

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