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Steam Turbine Advanced Steam Path (ASP) or Partial Steam Path (ASP Lite)

GE has a suite of customizable solutions to improve the reliability of the HP/IP module of your steam turbine. The Advanced Steam Path may be an attractive option that addresses multiple reliability concerns while providing improved performance. When faced with lengthy repairs, ASP can also significantly reduce outage scope and duration. 

Key benefits

  • Reduced risk of unplanned outages and major emergent repairs during planned outages that are both costly and extend outage duration
  • Increased steam turbine output based on recovery of aging losses and improved technology
  • Enables combined cycle plant upgrades that increase steam flow
  • Improves combined cycle heat rate
Shell upgrades

Benefits of HP-IP shell replacement

Key benefits

  •  Improved reliability and availability
  • Utilize field experience and mechanical integrity analysis to improve casing geometry
  • Option for 10-Cr material with superior creep resistance and LCF capability
  • Life extension
  • Reset the degradation to zero
  • Opportunity to include life monitoring
  • Opportunity to reduce outage duration with complete HP-IP module
Valve upgrades

GE’s Next Gen steam turbine valves

GE’s Next Gen ST Valves provide our customers with replacement options for valves. Hardware solutions can enable minor outage interval extensions from 3 to 6 factored years. Advanced sensors and analytics are applied to move from reactive to proactive/predictive health monitoring. 

Key features

  • Package 1: Replaces only the internals on the main steam control valve (MSCV), with select internals on the combined reheat valve (CRV). This option principally applies to more modern guided outlet MSCVs and CRVs with Rexroth actuators.
  • Package 3: a full valve replacement option for the MSCV and an upgrade of critical components on the CRV internals and actuators.

Opflex* Steam Turbine Agility

Opflex Steam Turbine Agility is a comprehensive system solution to improve start times of combined cycle plants. It includes a combination of controls upgrades with expert plant-level operational analysis and recommendations to deliver significant improvements in combined cycle start performance.

Key features

  • One-button start
  • Enhanced rotor stress control
  • Flexible hot start
  • Automatic temperature ramping
  • Modified reverse flow
  • Inlet Pressure Control (IPC) Setpoint Tracking

Steam Path warming heating blankets

The shell warming system delivers a significant reduction in start times and rub induced vibration events while enabling longer sustained HP/IP section efficiencies. The offering consists of a heating blanket system, junction boxes, cabling, thermocouples, and a stand-alone control system. As a separate customer option, the system can also be connected to plant DCS for all the automated control functions in replacement of stand-alone control system. This integration will typically be performed by the customer with instructions provided by the thermal blanket system supplier. 

Key features and benefits

  • Insulated heating blanket system
  • Junction boxes
  • Cabling and thermocouples
  • Stand-alone control system
  • Faster start up times (e.g. 0.5 –1 hour reduction)
  • Works with OpFlex*
  • Longer sustained HP/IP section efficiencies
  • Reduces likelihood of rub induced vibration

Turbomax 7+ stress controller

The power generation industry is rapidly changing, and turbines originally manufactured for base-load operation are now required to respond quickly to grid demands. The modern requirements for steam turbine power plants (including combined-cycle installations) are faster and more frequent start-ups, combined with longer phases of low load operation (LLO). 

Our solution for a new energy environment GE has developed a modern rotor stress controller called Turbomax* 7+, available for units running older versions of Turbomax* that is built around the following modules: 

Key features

  • Steam Turbine Rotor Stress Calculation Model: Calculates the thermal stresses for the steam turbine rotors based upon existing measurements typically available in the turbine supervisory instrumentation suite.
  • Lifetime Usage Indicator: Accumulates lifetime consumption during operation caused by thermal low-cycle fatigue and creep. This indicator adapts to the changing use of the asset over time.
  • Steam Turbine Limiter and Control Functions: Keeps the operation of the steam turbine within the permissible limits for protection of the asset.
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