Greenville by the numbers


1,550,000 Sq Ft

Maximum bay height

13.12 m

Crane capacity (T)


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Key capabilities:

  • Advanced coatings
  • Highly precise assembly techniques
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Innovative welding and joining techniques
  • Advanced inspection processes
  • Full speed no load and full load gas turbine test capabilities
  • High precision machining(multi-discipline) across large and small parts.
  • Heat treatments (stress relief, alloy solution/age)
  • Lifting capability of 550 tons


  • Gas turbine assembly
    • 7E, 7FA, 6F, 7HA, 9FA, LMS, and skids
  • Capital spare parts
    • Buckets, nozzles, rotors, and combustion

Special repairs / processes:

  • Rotor repair: HVOF spray coatings, GECC coating blend, polish & peen, mod patch ring rabbet repairs, dovetail re-broaching, UT bore inspections, balancing and life extension services
  • Combustion repair: weld repair, NDE/inspection, coating, assembly, flow testing and milling, TP, liners, caps, fuel nozzles, and unibodies
  • Hot Gas Path repair: NDE/inspection, weld repair, assembly, braze, FIC (2021), coat and flow, all stages and frames
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