Get to know the GEMTEC service center

Key capabilities:

  • Fr5, B&E, 7F/9F combustion inspection and repair
  • Fr5, B&E, 7F power nozzles and shrouds inspection and repair
  • Fr5, B&E, 7F/9F gas turbine rotor inspection and repair
  • Fr5, B&E, 7F/9F bearing inspection and repair
  • Fr5 and B&E turbine blades inspection and repair
  • Generator rotor inspection and overhauling
  • Acid stripping
  • Legacy Alstom Fr9/Fr11D Combustion + TVC + EGH


  • Gas turbine components
  • Generator rotor

Special repairs / processes:

  • HVOF/TBC + MgO coating
  • High temperature vacuum diffusion brazing
  • Controlled shot peening
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Low speed balancing
  • RenewAlloy
  • Rotor life extension
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