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  Contractual service agreement
Multi-year maintenance program
Maintenance support   
Planned maintenance scope    
Unplanned maintenance    
Service Bulletin (TIL) items    
Dedicated GE Point of Contact (CSL)    
Outage planning    
Equipment coverage   
Gas turbine and generator    
Steam turbine and generator     
HRSG and BoP    
Plant-level operation and routine    
Extended parts warranty    
Performance guarantees     
Billing cycle   Quarterly Time of service 

  Included in standard

Operation & management

O&M power plant agreements

Let us take your gas plant to the next level with our customizable O&M power plant services options. Whether you’re seeking advisory services to enhance your own operation or are looking for a full-service operator to perform all the daily activities associated with operating your site, we can create an operational partnership and planned gas plant maintenance contract with solutions to meet your business goals.

By combining an O&M partnership with our CSA or MMP programs, you’ll be able to increase your gas plant’s productivity, enhance your profitability, and maintain the flexibility to adapt your operation over time as your organizational needs and goals evolve. Best of all, you’ll be able to take advantage of long-term financial predictability.

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