Preparation, planning and partnership

Let’s work together to make your next outage your best one

Whether you’re planning an outage to make your plant more nimble for the future, or are dealing with an unplanned plant shutdown or turnaround, your next outage could be your most important one. That’s why it’s critical to get it right the first time, and GE understands that. Our power plant outage services team has broad experience handling both planned and unplanned outages.


Lessons learned and plans for the future

This is truly a transformative time within GE, and we are working hard as a company to make thoughtful and strategic changes that strengthen our partnership with our customers.

Our leadership has embraced three important behaviors that will help achieve this transformation: Acting with humility, leading with transparency, and delivering with focus. We have also embraced a number of tools that will help us deliver—on time, on budget and with the highest possible quality—for our customers.


In the spirit of continuous improvement, what I’ve learned over time and what I’ve seen at GE is, progress allows you to see the next field of opportunity. When we get on the other side of COVID, when we’re in a more normal operating environment, there’s no doubt in my mind that GE will be a stronger, better performer for our customers and for our investors.

GE Chairman and CEO

Larry Culp

On-demand webinar

Let’s Talk Outages: Learnings from Autumn and Planning for the Spring

Outage events are one of our closest partnerships with our customers. As we reflect on our fall outage season, we are humbled by our customers’ ingenuity and exceptional collaboration. Watch our webinar to learn more about how we’re working to improve our outage strategy and strengthen our partnership with our customers. When you register for the on-demand webinar, don’t hesitate to give us any additional feedback about how we can work with you to improve your outage experience. We’re listening!

Mark Albenze

President, Services, GE Gas Power

Eric Gray

President, Americas, GE Gas Power

Amir Hafzalla

President, FieldCore, GE Gas Power


Advanced planning

Explore our interactive timeline to review important deadlines in the outage planning process. Your goals are our goals, so no matter what state of planning you’re in, or what you’re hoping to achieve with your specific outage, we’re ready to serve as your outage partner.

  • Planning
  • 24+ months
  • 18+ months
  • 15+ months
  • 12+ months
  • 6+ months
  • Unplanned

What to expect

Your GE representative can serve as your outage concierge from Day 1, helping you think about the best way to scope your plant shutdown and how to get the most out of this important chapter in your power asset’s life. GE offers holistic support of your outage with services, parts, repairs, upgrades and overall outage planning to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

As the OEM we are continuously improving our methods and resources for the future of planned outages. Explore some of the advancements in robotics, automation, software, and smart tooling solutions being developed today at GE’s Gas Turbine Outage Simulator lab in Greenville, South Carolina. Check out our technologies that we’ll be deploying just in time for your next plant outage.

By engaging early with GE as your outage planner, you’ll have access to:

  • Full engineering reviews and a complete walk through to review scope
  • Thorough reviews and planning for equipment upgrades
  • Necessary parts lists, created and ordered for on-time delivery
  • Software and controls enhancements customized specifically for your site
  • The absolute best support available to meet your outage plans
Diving deeper

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Using robotics to improve customer outages

Using 3D printing to improve customer outages

Improving customer outages with wireless technology

Driving efficiency in customer outages


What to expect

Is your gas or steam turbine reaching its full potential? Is it optimized for the market it’s in today? Timing upgrade opportunities with your next planned outage provides a great opportunity to return your unit to full service and make sure it’s working better for you than ever before. If you operate a combined-cycle plant, have you also thought about the balance of plant…generator, HRSG, and steam turbine?

In addition to plant turnaround management, discover our range of upgrade opportunities—from control systems to performance enhancements to GE’s OpFlex solutions for your gas turbine, generator, steam turbine, and HRSG, which help tackle a variety of operating issues for increased reliability and flexibility. We also have controls specialists that can work with you to identify modifications or upgrades that may be required.

Contact your GE account manager to kick off a discovery session to explore opportunities to improve your O&M cost or market competitiveness. We can help you get more information tailored to you and your needs, and we’ll work right alongside you to get you the outcomes you need.

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See it in action

Using robotics to improve customer outages

GE - Generator Health Monitoring

Advanced Steam Path upgrade in action


What to expect

Meeting early with your outage provider and conducting a full inventory walk down to fully prepare your existing inventory is a great way to make the most of your existing resources. And for what you don’t have in stock, GE can help fill in the gaps with a continuously replenished inventory of over 10,000 individual parts, and a reliable supply chain.

With certain components, particularly steam, HRSG, and legacy B- and E-class parts, the earlier you get started, the better. Ready to schedule an outage planning meeting with us? Contact your GE Parts Sales Manager and Account Manager to discuss your parts inventory and needs.

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What to expect

We can offer repair capabilities directly at your site or ship them to one of our high-tech repair technology centers. We’ve streamlined our repairs solutions to eliminate steps, costs, and above all, time. With GE, you’ll always have the most advanced repair capabilities at your fingertips, and we’re continually developing innovative solutions.

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What to expect

Consumable parts are usually last on the list, but can also be one of the trickiest components of any power plant shutdown. Our team recommends performing these steps before your outage:

  • Review your past outage reports and recommendations
  • Deep dive into your Bill of Materials
  • Determine your needs down to the smallest bolts and screws

…or you can have GE do it for you. Our specialists use their field engineering expertise combined with your unit’s unique history to generate a customized parts list, making sure your part numbers are up to date, and prioritizing your needs--especially if you have a limited budget. With your outage nearing, you’ve got enough to think about.

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What to expect

It's almost time for your outage—are you ready? You've finalized your site mobiliation, established shifts, determined the schedule, roles and prep. Do you have your parts? If you forgot something, we have a huge refurbished party inventory, with ATS, and SMI parts are also available. Your GE account manager can help you ensure that you've got everything you need and ready to go, and you can always log into My Dashboard to track part delivery and services during your outage.

Unplanned outage

What to expect

It’s an unfortunate fact of life—not every outage can be planned. Luckily, if you forgot to order a part, had an issue pop up during an outage, or are facing a forced outage or plant shutdown, we’re here to help.

Not only can we support last-minute outage requests, we can help you with additional parts from our refurbished part pool. Our field technicians are backed by a global network of technical, repair, and analytics experts that can respond quickly to unplanned events.

Whether it’s a coal plant shutdown or a refinery turnaround, contact GE Power today for more information on plant outage management & planning.

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