HRSG OEM expertise

Leading the industry for more than 100 years

GE has extensive HRSG expertise, with nearly 1,300 HRSGs in operation—the single largest global installed OEM fleet. Our boiler design dates back to the early 1900s, and our primary GE shop has been fabricating HRSGs since the 1970s.


Tailored HRSG service solutions to improve your plant’s performance, reliability and availability

Gas turbines are increasingly being run in cyclic mode, with frequent starts/stops and extensive operation at part load, which impacts the lifetime of HRSG pressure parts and can lead to increased unreliability and O&M costs.

Regardless of your HRSG OEM, we provide solutions that match your needs and make the most of your plant's potential.

Expert Webinar

All things HRSG: Can you prepare and adapt your HRSG for an evolving industry?

Join our webinar and live Q&A to learn about the challenges combined cycle power plants are facing and potential ways to evaluate your HRSG based on its original design/future operating scenarios.

Kasha Kultys

Sales Operations Leader - Americas, GE Gas Power

Rachel Hutcheson

Commercial Intelligence Leader, GE Gas Power

Mohamed Hamdy

Lead HRSG Application Engineer, GE Gas Power

Michelle York

Senior HRSG Fleet Manager, GE Gas Power