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Generator rotor rewind advantages


Expand your gas generator's life, capacity, availability, and reliability with a rotor rewind

  • Advanced end-winding blocking supports, advanced insulation materials, and patented copper-finned ventilation ducts provide better support and cool the generator unit.
  • Advanced dovetail and generator rotor end-slot modifications can prevent crack propagation and improve cyclic duty durability.

Reduced generator outage time with rewinds—within budget

  • Advanced generator repair technologies, such as retaining ring removal and installation automated skids, provide proven short cycle capabilities.

Continuous generator rotor rewind maintenance improvement

  • We have more than 100 years of gas generator rotor rewind experience and are committed to continuous improvement.
  • Our investments in cycle reduction and robust planning reviews add value and improve quality for our customers and their generators.

Benefits of high speed balancing

  • Shortened turns are usually detected by increased bearing vibration levels in operation. This is due to the pressure on the turn to turn insulation generated by the centrifugal force.
  • A final flux test reading during High Speed Balance at a GE repair shop will reproduce this operational condition to help ensure that the rotor is free from shorted turns before being installed back in the generator.