Gas turbine modernization and upgrades

GE Gas Power has invested in gas turbine upgrades and enhancement solutions for our global gas turbine fleet. We proudly support gas power plant upgrades for more sustainable and efficient energy generation around the world. Each plant may require a specific gas turbine modernization program. GE Gas Power offers solutions today to help you meet energy demands for tomorrow and beyond.

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Sorry, there are no results for your specific upgrade inquiry—but just because you didn’t find it doesn’t mean we can’t help! Reach out and contact us today and let’s find a solution to your upgrade needs together.


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Turbine upgrade benefits

Gas turbine modernizations for all your needs

Operators of mature units should consider gas turbine modernization to help them face their individual challenges, from output to efficiency to flexibility. GE Gas Power has gas turbine upgrades to fit your operating profile and maintenance schedule. 


Operators need to know their gas turbines will help meet performance expectations steadily over time and across the entire operational range of the plant.


Gas turbine modernization helps balance power output across the full range of operation, with attention to management of cost and environmental requirements as operators aim to meet customer needs.

Emissions reduction

Reduction of emissions is vital, and enhanced gas turbines can help meet or exceed required standards.


Energy demands are greater today than ever—operators must be able to flex to meet seasonal or sustainability demands.

Life extension

Gas turbine modernization can help extend plant life by 10 to 20 years or more beyond the anticipated retirement date.

O&M cost reduction

Operation and maintenance costs can be tough to manage. Gas turbine upgrades can help make costs predictable and extend your interval between outages.


Generating the right amount of power for the growing needs of your customers is a constant priority.


Consistent performance of your gas power system means sufficient power is delivered within accepted community and environmental standards.