Stainless steel compressor bleed valves

Compressor bleed valves are essential components in the startup of a gas turbine. They are also some of the common components to cause trips. It’s a problem that has plagued F-class plant operators (and GE) for many years. After more than a few attempts to solve the main problem causing trips—corrosion in the valve body—we are pleased to offer an alternative to carbon steel valves : Our latest and greatest stainless steel compressor bleed valve.


We have the solution

Key features of the new and improved stainless steel compressor bleed valve

  • Valve bodies and discs are made from stainless steel
  • Each valve has one "valve open" and one "valve closed" tamper-proof limit switch
  • Actuation air source changed to instrument air, providing constant pressure and a clean, dry air source
  • Dedicated solenoid for each valve

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