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No matter your industry—chemicals, refinery, steel, cement—an unchecked loss of flame can bring production to a halt. GE’s non-optical flame detector software can help improve the safe operation of your 7F gas turbine and remove the risk of unplanned outages due to failed flame scanners.

Eliminating flame scanners

GE’s non-optical flame detector software gathers information from your existing combustor instrumentation as effectively as flame scanners, but without the maintenance associated with those sensors. Instead of relying on visuals to read lightwaves, our software uses a data-fed algorithm to determine if the flame isn’t being detected.

Reducing maintenance costs and unplanned outages

Traditional water-cooled flicker detectors sit close to the turbine, with high temperatures often resulting in the need for electronics maintenance. GE’s non-optical flame detector software is safely situated and not limited to a cone of UV or infrared vision.



  • Remove outdated water-cooling circuits from your 7F turbine’s engine compartment.
  • A data-fed algorithm replaces traditional photo-electronic sensors.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing system.
  • Install time can be as fast as a software update.
  • The software uses multiple independent signals for aggregated accuracy.
  • Detection time is faster than required to help maintain rigorous safety standards.
  • Four devices provide coverage and redundancy.
  • Proven to be 99+% accurate in comprehensive testing.*

* Proven data with metrics available.


Save time and money with 7F reliability packages

We’ve drawn on millions of hours of fleet data and created a solution to keep you running and preserve revenue. In fact, 40% of reported 7F reliability issues could have been prevented with valve and instrumentation upgrades.

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