Reduce alarms by up to 80%

Our ActivePoint* Alarm Rationalization software helps rationalize and categorize alarms so operators get a simplified but complete picture of all areas of their plant—enabling quick identification and response to what matters.


A global installed base

We’ve performed this upgrade for more than 100 units and customers around the world; and every single one of our new gas turbines are shipped with ActivePoint* HMI alarm rationalization software.


Stay organized, stay running

Proper categorization of alarms can help operators determine whether their attention is required or if an alarm has the potential to cause process impact. Examples of process impact can include:

  • Loss of redundancy
  • Loss of efficiency
  • Loss of plant output
  • Impending shutdown
  • Damage to equipment
  • Operation outside of regulatory compliance

Improved operator awareness

By determining alarm priority, alarm rationalization tools can improve operator awareness and lead to simplified alarm handling, potentially reducing actionable alarms by as much as 80%. This easy-to-use interface puts you back in control.


Improved power plant productivity

Role-based alarm management software and parent/child alarm grouping improves O&M staff productivity and reduces response time to critical issues in your power plant. And with better diagnostic capabilities come opportunities for education and a learning environment for the operator and plant staff.


Simplified alarm handling

With the new alarm management strategy, users can easily access the details of the alarms presented in a screen via clicking the alarm icons. The operator can use this information to determine possible causes and next steps.