What can upgrading do for you?

  • Address multiple asset improvements in one simple upgrade.
  • Boost your output and lower your fuel costs immediately.
  • Reduce emissions to comply with recent regulations.
  • Extend your maintenance intervals with newer, more durable components.

How we get you there

The process is faster than installing a new unit and you’ll achieve significant performance improvements in output and fuel efficiency, and restart the clock on asset life.

  • Together, we create a customized solution that works with your existing generator, combustion unit, and other physical or economic considerations. 
  • Schedule your flange-to-flange replacement during an existing maintenance outage to avoid additional outage time.
  • Combine the flange-to-flange replacement with other optional hardware or software upgrades to enhance your plant’s performance. 
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6B flange-to-flange replacement

See how SAICA in Spain worked effectively with GE on a flange-to-flange replacement.

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