Failing to plan is planning to fail

The cost of inaction

It’s not every day you can see the true value of an offering—but the reliability lessons learned from our fleet paint a clear picture. Our reliability packages can save you:

What other plant managers wish they knew

Your biggest headaches—solved

Our valve and instrumentation reliability packages can help you solve for a range of plant issues, keeping you up and running—on your schedule. All equipment can be installed in a single CI, HGP, or MI outage or independently of scheduled maintenance.

  Valve reliability
Wasted maintenance dollars
Compressor bleed issues
Hydraulic malfunctions
Positioning problems
reliability package
Wasted maintenance dollars
Compressor bleed issues
Exhaust spread challenges
Flame detection hardware

Get more, spend less: purchasing one package provides up to a 40% discount, while bundling both packages offers up to a 45% discount

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GE’s 7F reliability solutions

When it comes to the performance of your 7F gas turbine, reliability can be a concern. Did you know that reliability issues are responsible for 3,000 events and 75,000 hours of downtime per year? Find out how GE’s 7F reliability packages can help keep your 7F gas turbines running efficiently for their entire lifecycle.