What can upgrading do for you?

At >98.9% reliability, the 9E gas turbine is already a dependable link in the chain that is your plant. With our services-to-hardware upgrade, you’ll find new ways to make your plant’s workhorse even better, and you’ll save on both cost and installation time.

Stainless steel compressor bleed valve

Compressor bleed valves aid in performance recovery and cooling/sealing air system reliability improvement.

Dry flame detector

Enhanced gas turbine reliability by replacing water-cooled flame sensors within 9E units.

Compartment ventilation monitoring reliability improvements (TIL-2220)

Improved overall operability and availability by implementing redundant monitoring of the gas turbine enclosure ventilation fans (TIL-2220).

Trip avoidance solution

Software improved logic to avoid trips, by using intelligent signal selection and system level data validation.

Starting assurance

Software improved logic to help ensure reliable start of the gas turbine.


How we get you there

When faulty instruments cause 25% of trips, failed starts, and outages, reliable readings win the day. Through our 700+ 9E turbines around the world, we’ve put years of data into an end-to-end package that provides technology and service symbiosis—which becomes your uptime.

Our gas turbine package includes:

  • Improved combustion spread monitoring and thermocouple adjacency logic
  • Advanced fault detection of sensors
  • Reduced sensitivity to exhaust thermocouple failure
  • Updated exhaust over overpressure protection control schemes for fewer false trips
  • Load reduction and increased exhaust temperature limit 
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