For this 7E upgrade, advanced is more than just a word

It means a flexible gas turbine fuel nozzle solution

Building on GE Aviation’s experience, GE Gas Power has advanced emissions performance and operational flexibility of the 7E advanced secondary fuel nozzle. Using 3D printing, its manufacturing process is flexible, fast, and economical.

This new product allows for a solution that provides flexible performance outcomes. So the same hardware solution can give you low turndown today and peak MW as your future needs change. 

It means better environmental and cost outcomes

The 7E advanced secondary fuel nozzle provides a rapid, cost effective energy boost for power generators. The redesigned turbine fuel nozzle lowers NOx, allowing increased emissions-compliant megawatts by increasing the unit firing temperature, with no hardware tuning. That simple shift can yield as much as $250,000 annually, with an improved power rating. These outcomes were tested and proven in the field as of July 2021. 

It means easy to install upgrade without a long outage

Operators can expect rapid returns with the 7E advanced secondary fuel nozzle—and quick installation as well. Some upgrades require waiting for an outage or scheduling one specifically. This nozzle upgrade is easy to install with no extended outage needed. Installation can be completed in as little as 48 hours.

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