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Our field service and engineering teams are experienced and equipped to effectively collaborate with operators on a variety of maintenance scopes. Get to know some of them below.

Christian Arcari, Senior Engineer, Controls and Operability

From commissioning support and controls to upgrades, when it comes to the 501F turbine, there is nothing Christian hasn’t worked on.


Christian has dedicated seven years to heavy-duty gas turbines, specifically the Mitsubishi 501F, Siemens-Westinghouse 501F, Siemens V84/V94, GE 7FA and 7EA platforms. In the past, Christian has worked for Siemens Energy in the Operations and Maintenance group, focusing on technical support for the total plant (which included the gas turbine, steam turbine, and balance of plant). Additionally, he worked for PSM (Power Systems Mfg) where he served as the technical lead for the Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) center.

From commissioning support and controls to upgrades, when it comes to the Mitsubishi, Siemens, and now GE turbines, there is nothing Christian hasn’t worked on. He particularly enjoys troubleshooting complex operational issues, installing control system upgrades and commissioning new systems. During GE’s latest outage execution in Tuxpan, Mexico, he played a significant role in the commissioning of the first DLN-Pro combustor in a Mitsubishi 501F.

Christian is one cornerstone of the Cross-Fleet team and as such, he’s also responsible for ensuring knowledge transfer within the Cross-Fleet and Field Services team.

Stephen Ziegler, Lead Controls Engineer

Stephen has cultivated his professional experience through the execution of more than 50 outages in the US Navy and TVA.


Does the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Program or Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) ring a bell? These are just two of the many environments where Stephen has cultivated his professional experience throughout the execution of more than 50 outages. Stephen specializes in electrical engineering and has extensive knowledge on multiple platforms such as Mitsubishi Diasys Netmation, Emerson Ovation, Siemens Teleperm XP (TXP/SPPA-T2000) and Siemens SPPA-T3000—controls systems that are normally found on the Mitsubishi and Siemens/Westinghouse 501F and Siemens V (V84.3A2) machine gas turbine variants.

Stephen’s vast experience in the power industry spans simple and combined-cycle gas, nuclear, and coal power generation. He has worked as a consultant on controls and automation, and during his time at TVA he was the first controls engineer and specialist for an MHI 501F3 CCPP with the Mitsubishi Diasys Netmation control system. He also helped commission and maintained several gas plants spanning multiple OEM equipment including Siemens/Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, and GE.

Overall, he has 29 years of controls and automation experience and 16 years specifically dealing with the controls and tuning of the M501F and SW501F platforms. As part of the Cross-Fleet team, he leads the integration of GE hardware into non-GE controls; engineering modifications, instrumenting the controls system, updating all graphics and tuning the gas turbines. He’s the controls engineer professional that will upgrade your legacy MHI or Siemens unit to GE’s advanced four-stage DLN PRO combustion system and make it work seamlessly—all with an increased power output, improved efficiency, extended life, and better reliability.

An interactive story—before and after

501F upgrade: See how our technology helped Naturgy Energy Group in Mexico

Hear from our customers

"GE’s cross-fleet upgrade for our M501F machines achieved better results than they promised, allowing us to provide more power to the Mexican grid and improve operating and maintenance costs.”

Fernando Ramos
Chief Operating Officer – GPG (Naturgy Energy Group subsidiary)

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A portfolio that can adjust to your needs

Owners and operators of Siemens and Mitsubishi 501F gas turbines can expand the value of their OEM designs with proprietary GE technologies including advanced coatings like DVC TBC, GE 7F-proven alloys, and improved cooling like the patented GE Fir Tree cooling pattern, to provide enhanced performance.

Adaptable maintenance packages offer reliable service to keep your plant running smoothly

With GE’s experience as a gas turbine parts supplier, you can expect reliable turbine parts, repairs, and outage services that enable you to mitigate maintenance costs, with the option to benefit from performance gains from your engine.

GE’s Flex Pack upgrade for 501F gas turbines provides performance and lifecycle flexibility

The flexibility to extend 501F turbine parts life or increase performance can be customized for your plant with our Flex Pack engine upgrade solution. Our modular approach ensures that we can work with you on a Flex Pack solution that meets your operational and financial needs.

Benefits of GE’s cross-fleet services:

  • Lower maintenance costs with extended intervals of up to 32,000 operating hours/1,250 starts
  • Increased output and better efficiency (single-cycle and combined-cycle solutions)
  • Rotor life monitoring and refurbishment

Applying the latest tools and technologies:

  • Additive and advanced machining
  • Innovative testing facilities
  • Scanning and modeling technology
  • Tooling/fixturing
  • Advanced materials

GE's cross-fleet solutions in action

Powering Mexico with Naturgy

GE solutions optimize non-GE power plant equipment

Outcomes based solutions

Martin O’neill on cross-fleet repowering with aero gas turbines

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