In December 2020, GE Gas Power announced an order from RWE Generation for 11 units of its LM2500XPRESS power plant technology to build a gas-fired grid reserve plant in Biblis, a municipality in the Southern Hesse region of Germany.

The challenge

While Germany is generating record amounts of renewable energy in the north, its grid is challenged to transport all the power down to load centers in the south and has repeatedly faced critical situations, with imports arranged on short notice from surrounding countries required to stabilize the grid.

The solution

GE’s new LM2500XPRESS power plant will be built with the 11 GE LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbines, along with generators, fuel supply system, grid connection and auxiliary equipment. It is 95 percent factory assembled into simplified modules for fast and easy site installation.


Supporting the energy transition

34 MW

LM2500XPRESS simple cycle output


LM2500XPRESS potential installation time

LM2500XPRESS simple-cycle efficiency


We are delighted that we were awarded the contract for the Biblis site. The excellent existing infrastructure there and our reliable and flexible concept for the plant have won out. We will thus be able to make an important contribution towards security of supply in Southern Hesse. We have a long-standing relationship with GE and we’re proud to work together to install the world’s first LM2500XPRESS.

Roger Miesen

CEO, of RWE Generation

RWE’s new 300 MW plant will be built just south of the company’s current nuclear power plant site in the region and is expected to begin operation in late 2022. GE’s LM2500XPRESS power plant is built on GE’s proven LM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine technology. With more than 2,500 units sold and more than 100 million operating hours, GE’s LM2500 is the top-selling aeroderivative gas turbine globally. The LM2500XPRESS is built on this legacy while focusing on speed and simplicity.

For plant operators who need power in just days, the LM2500XPRESS can be installed in as little as two weeks with a minimal crew. Its plug and play nature provides flexible power where it is needed quickly and efficiently. It’s available in both simple and combined cycle configuration, for 50 and 60 Hz utility providers.

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