Reducing costs and upping productivity through coal-to-gas conversion

The challenge

The Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Co. Ltd. endeavored to provide energy to nearby industries as well as heat and cooling to surrounding public, commercial, and residential areas.

The solution: switch to gas

GE’s 6F.01 turbine was chosen, featuring a rapid startup that synchronizes to the grid within as little as eight minutes—achieving full load in less than 30 minutes to provide safe, efficient power for the project to flow to the area. 


Switching to gas will replace 300,000 tons of coal and more

210 MW

total plant output


new fuel efficiency


The Huaneng Guilin Distributed Energy Project is cleaner, more stable, and safer with the 6F’s strong peak-load-dispatching operation. This pilot project demonstrates a new model of high-efficiency energy use for this city. Going forward, this secure energy supply will support Guilin in pursuing its ambition to become a major international tourism destination.

Li Xiaodong

General Manager of Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed

Supported by three GE 6F.01 gas turbines, the Huaneng Guilin Distributed Energy Project will ultimately supply power to seven industries across the city. That includes heating to Guilin’s nearby life sciences, pharmaceutical and tech industries, as well as heating and cooling surrounding public, commercial, and residential areas.

Adding gas-fired capacity to the grid is increasingly viewed as a reliable, efficient, and cleaner alternative to coal and oil. Inasmuch, this project will be fueled by natural gas. Along with the 6F.01 turbines, GE integrated an innovative combined cooling, heating, and power configuration with a 210-MW output.

The project is the first ever gas power project for the city of Guilin and the largest gas power project for the province of Guangxi. It’s expected to replace 300,000 tons of standard coal; other emissions benefits include some 527 tons less of sulfur dioxide, 1,560 tons less of nitrogen oxide, 85% less dust, and a 70% drop in CO2.

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