ADNOC Refining’s single-site refinery in Ruwais is the fourth largest in the world.

The challenge

With the goal of enhancing the efficiency and performance of the Ruwais plant, GE Gas Power committed to an MXL2 upgrade on a GT13E2 gas turbine. Planning and executing this upgrade typically takes up to 18 months.

The solution

The project was completed within six months, despite significant challenges posed by the outbreak of coronavirus. The technology upgrade has increased the total output of the turbine by 10.7 MW, using the same amount of fuel.


Delivering during a pandemic


At GE, we are committed to supporting our customers power through every challenge and were honored to collaborate with ADNOC Refining on this project. As organizations around the world explore options to balance the growing need for electricity against climate change concerns, upgrade solutions offer an effective and affordable means to increase power output and lower emissions per megawatt generated.

Joseph Anis

President & CEO of GE Gas Power in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia

GE’s upgrade solutions can significantly enhance the performance and lower the operating costs of gas turbines. The MXL2 upgrade allows operators of GT13E2 gas turbines to achieve up to a 1.5% increase in combined cycle efficiency and extend inspection intervals up to 48,000 equivalent operating hours (EOH). The upgrade combines GE’s latest technology developments, and over 10 million operating hours of GT13E2 fleet experience.

The latest upgrade at the General Utilities Plant follows the successful completion of similar upgrades on two other gas turbines at ADNOC Refining’s General Utilities Plant in Ruwais over recent years.

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