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GE introduced H-class technology to the industry 26 years ago. Today, GE’s HA product portfolio—first introduced in 2014—is engineered to reduce carbon emissions and help support today’s flexible power generation needs. The H-class portfolio leverages GE’s advanced combustion and compressor technology, along with critical advancements in material science, design and coatings, for higher output and performance. 

Industry recognition

GE is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that has been previously recognized by a 3rd party for setting two world records for powering the most efficient plant in an H-class combined-cycle (CC) application: 63.08% gross CC efficiency at Chubu Electric’s Nishi Nagoya power plant in Japan (7HA, 60Hz), and 62.22% net CC efficiency at EDF’s Bouchain power plant in France (9HA, 50Hz).

In 2021, Southern Power Generation’s 1.4 GW Track 4A power plant (Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant), a natural gas-fired power plant in southern Malaysia—equipped with the first commercial GE 9HA.02 gas turbines—was recognized by POWER Magazine as their “2021 Power Plant of the Year” and by Diesel & Gas Turbine WORLDWIDE as “Power Plant of the World,” a meaningful model for balancing climate awareness, energy affordability, and reliability.  

In 2020, GE Gas Power and New Fortress Energy announced that the Long Ridge power plant in Ohio will be the first purpose-built hydrogen-burning plant in the United States—and the first worldwide to blend hydrogen in a GE H-class (7HA.02) gas turbine.

In addition, GE’s HA technology was adopted at China Huadian Corp’s Juliangcheng plant to help accelerate the retirement of existing coal-fired capacity and replace it with new, highly efficient combined-cycle gas turbines—an important role that earned POWER Magazine’s “Reinvention Award.” 

Customer stories


Malaysia’s Track 4 power plant (Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant) employs 9HA gas turbines

Steady economic growth in Malaysia has called for a steady increase in power capability. GE Gas Power partnered with Southern Power Generation (SPG) in the city of Pasir Gudang, Johor to meet this energy challenge for the Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant—as well as to address the country’s spreading decarbonization effort. The 9HA.02 is GE’s most advanced gas turbine in the 50-Hz range. Rated at 575 MW under ISO conditions, it pushes net efficiency beyond 64%. GE integrated two of the units into two of the plant’s single-shaft generating blocks. Now, the Sultan Ibrahim Power Plant runs on GE’s 9HA.02 combined-cycle heavy-duty gas turbines—an industry-first in commercial operation.

10 million

safe man-hours on the project

1440 MW

total plant-output capacity

3 million

homes able to benefit from Track 4A


From a longstanding relationship with GE, we trust its HA technology and are proud to see hard work and efficiency achieve the start of GE’s first-ever commercial-operation 9HA.02 gas turbines, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, without having to compromise on health and safety.

Dato’ Haji Nor Azman bin Mufti

Chairman of SPG


Stabilizing the local grid and lowering emissions for PGE

PGE ordered two GE 9HA gas turbines for its Dolna Odra power plant. When the facility goes live in 2023, its two high-efficiency/lower-emission turbines will help stabilize the regional grid—which relies on renewables—and is projected to curb CO2 emissions by an annual two to three million tons.

1.4 GW

power equivalent of one million Polish households

2 - 3 million tons

projected annual reduction in CO2 emissions


"PGE’s investments in modern coal-based energy are enhancing the country’s energy security and facilitating a gradual replacement of old capacities in the system. GE’s turbines boost us by nearly one-third in efficiency and bring the country’s CO2 emissions down by some 2.5 million tons."

Henryk Baranowski

PGE’s Chief Executive Officer


Delivering high efficiency for Agios Nikolaos

One of the largest natural gas-fired combined-cycle power plants in Europe, Agios Nikolaos uses GE’s HA gas turbines. The Voiotia plant will produce up to 826 MW, and alongside its thermal efficiency of 63+%, GE helps make it one of the continent’s most efficient power plants. 

thermal efficiency rating of the Voiotia plant


proven operating hours of HA gas turbines


"GE’s technology, combined with the engineering and construction expertise of our EPC business unit METKA, will bring this large investment to life and help contribute significantly to Greece’s energy security and stability."

Evangelos Mytilineos

President and CEO of MYTILINEOS


Responding to Taiwan’s changing power landscape

Taiwan’s government has set an ambitious goal to phase out all nuclear power sources by 2025 and increase the country’s use of natural gas to 50%. At the same time, the country is reducing its use of coal and increasing renewable resources. This rapidly changing energy mix is creating opportunities for Taiwan to diversify into fast, flexible, more efficient gas technologies that will help balance the country’s electricity grid and help meet future demand. In September 2020, GE Gas Power announced that it was selected as the successful bidder for the 6,500 MW Hsinta and Taichung combined-cycle power plants initiated by Taiwan Power Company (TPC).

of Taiwanese commercial jets powered by GE technology

430 MW

output for the 7HA.03

10 minutes

to full gas turbine load

10,000 MW

of power in Taiwan from GE steam turbines

5 GW

of power in Taiwan from GE gas turbines


Building on a proven track record of delivering and commissioning projects in Taiwan, GE is proud to support Taiwan Power Company in their energy transition program to increase electricity production capacity with more efficient technologies, and bring fast, flexible power to Taiwan.

Ramesh Singaram

President and CEO, GE Gas Power Asia




Decarbonizing the future with Long Ridge Energy

With countries all over the world looking for ways to decarbonize energy and fight climate change, GE Gas Power just helped the US take an important first step. Together with New Fortress Together with New Fortress Energy, GE Gas Power announced that Long Ridge in Ohio will be the first purpose-built hydrogen-burning power plant in the United States and the first worldwide to blend hydrogen in a GE H-class gas turbine. The plant utilizes a GE 7HA.02 combustion turbine, which can burn between 15-20% hydrogen by volume in the gas stream initially, with the capability to transition to 100% hydrogen over time.


years of GE experience burning hydrogen-containing fuels

capability of 7HA.02 to transition to hydrogen over time

of units globally burning H2 and low-BTU fuels use GE technology


We are thrilled to work with the Long Ridge and New Fortress Energy teams on this first-of-its kind GE HA-powered project that will drive a cleaner energy future by utilizing hydrogen to ultimately produce carbon-free power. As one of the leaders in decarbonization in the gas turbine industry and the OEM with the most fleet experience in using alternative low heating value fuels including hydrogen, we look forward to applying more than 80 years of experience to help Long Ridge achieve its goal of providing reliable, affordable, and lower-carbon power to its customers.

Scott Strazik

CEO, GE Gas Power




Helping to shape the Israel of tomorrow

As part of an existing plan to convert the Orot Rabin coal-fired power plant to gas generation, IEC ordered a first 9HA turbine in 2019. IEC’s focus on modernizing its plants, announced in 2018, comes as a result of a law passed by the Government of Israel’s Clean Air Law 2011. In the latest order, GE will also provide a steam turbine, generator, heat recovery steam generator and balance of plant equipment—as well as a 15-year multi-year services agreement.


operating hours for the HA fleet

of Israel’s electricity capacity delivered

1260 MW

of power produced


Adding a second 9HA.01 gas turbine from GE for our modernization project further ensures we are investing in industry-leading technology to help meet the growing needs of the businesses and citizens in Israel. Our efforts will change the way power is delivered in the country.

Ofer Bloch

President and CEO, Israel Electric Corporation


2M-HA-class-operating hours-timeline infographic.jpg

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GE has the technology, experience and people to deliver the highest value simple cycle and combined-cycle power plants anywhere in the world. Our integrated approach to plant development means that from planning through commissioning, we consider individual components as well as balance-of-plant systems in each decision we make with our customers.

With decades of experience and component know-how, GE can supply all the equipment needed for your H-class plant to help ensure combined-cycle performance, operability, power island emissions, and near-field acoustics. Under our Engineered Equipment Package (EEP), GE provides:

H-class gas turbines

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Whether you're generating power for entire cities, electrifying your own operations, or are facing an emergency electricity shortage and need power fast, we can act as a versatile gas turbine supplier, ready to quickly provide a range of solutions.

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GE’s 9HA high efficiency, air-cooled gas turbine is one of the industry leaders among H-class offerings, and now the 9HA gas turbine is at the heart of the world's most efficient combined-cycle power plant.

  9HA.01 9HA.02
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

9HA gas turbines are 50% hydrogen (H2) capable with a technology pathway to 100%


With over 450 units deployed to more than 40 countries, GE has the largest operating and most experienced OEM F-class fleet in the world. Our 9F gas turbine delivers consistent performance and accommodates a diverse range of fuels, making it great for a variety of combined cycle and CHP applications.

Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

9F series turbines are GE’s most advanced F-class technology for 50 Hz applications.


GE’s 7HA high efficiency air-cooled gas turbine is one of the industry leaders among advanced class gas turbine offerings and is available in three models—the 7HA.01 at 290 MW, the 7HA.02 at 384 MW, and the 7HA.03 at 430 MW.

  7HA.01 7HA.02 7HA.03
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

7HA gas turbines are up to 50% hydrogen (H2) capable with a technology pathway to 100%


The demands of today’s power generation industry are many: low cost of electricity, dispatch volatility, along with high efficiency, reliability, and asset availability. With approximately 950 installed units producing ~175GW of power in 11 countries, GE’s 7F.04 and 7F.05 gas turbines are proven performers in all these areas.

  7F.04 7F.05
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

7F series gas turbines can balance renewables by load-following at 40 MW/min ramp rates while maintaining emissions compliance.


With unprecedented operational flexibility, robust engineering and long operation intervals, the GT13E2 can be used in many different applications—all while meeting a very broad range of environment and operating conditions.

  GT13E2-190 GT13E2-210
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

GT13e2 gas turbines can run on up to 30% hydrogen fuel.


Formerly known as the Frame 9E, GE Gas Power’s 9E gas turbine can help decrease costs and increase revenue for your plant. From the desert to the tropics to the arctic, the rugged 9E.03 heavy-duty gas turbine provides essential power and performs in a vast number of duty cycles and applications. The 9E.04 gas turbine provides increased power and performance while maintaining the simplicity and operational strengths of the 9E.03.

  9E.03 9E.04
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

9E series gas turbines can run on 52 types of fuel.


A single, economical solution for the dispatch needs of nearly every industry condition.

  LMS100 PA+ LMS100 PB+
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

LMS100 gas turbines can start up in 8 minutes


The 7E.03 gas turbine is recognized as an industry leader for 60 Hz industrial power applications. Its robust architecture and operational flexibility make it well-suited for a variety of peaking, cyclic, and baseload operations. With state-of-the-art fuel handling equipment, multi-fuel combustion system options, and advanced gas path features, the 7E gas turbine can accommodate a full range of fuel alternatives while helping to deliver better efficiency and lower emissions than other technologies in its class.

Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

7E series gas turbines can deliver 100% load in 10 minutes.


GE’s 6F gas turbine offers the superior performance, reliability, and flexibility typically associated with larger power plants. Our 6F.03 gas turbine packs big power into a small package, offering durability and flexibility for harsh, remote, or floating power environments. Whether it be for 50 or 60 Hz, the 6F gas turbine can maintain enhanced output and exhaust energy for combined cycle and CHP performance. The 6F.03 offers segment-leading 32,000-hour combustion and hot gas path inspection intervals.

Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

6F gas turbines offer fuel flexibility and hydrogen capability while maintaining the reliability you’ve come to depend on


A leader in the +40 MW space, the LM6000 has over 40 million operating hours and more than 1,300 units shipped.

  LM6000 PG LM6000 PF LM6000 PF+ LM6000 PC
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

LM6000 gas turbines can start up in 5 minutes


Its ability to operate in island mode, coupled with multiple decades of proven rugged performance, make the 6B.03 an excellent solution for remote installations and extreme operating conditions. The rugged, reliable 6B.03 heavy-duty gas turbine is a popular choice for refineries, natural gas liquefaction power, CHP applications, and industrial power.

Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

6B gas turbines can operate on a wide range of non-standard gas or liquid fuels, including over 90% hydrogen


The LM2500 family of aeroderivative gas turbines boasts several times the operating experience of its competitors combined, and its flexibility and reliability are unsurpassed.

  LM2500XPRESS +G4 DLE LM2500XPRESS +G5 DLE LM2500 +G4 LM2500 +G4 DLE
Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

LM2500 gas turbines feature >99.8% availability


Introducing one of the world’s most modular, reliable, and experienced mobile gas turbines.

Net output (MW)
Net heat rate (kJ/kWh, LHV)
Net efficiency (%, LHV)
Net heat rate (Btu/kWh, LHV)

TM2500 gas turbines can be installed and commissioned in 11 days

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