Enhancements for reliable, cost-effective operation

System Reliability benefits

Tapping into decades of controls enhancement experience, and utilizing state-of-the-art practices from new turbine controls engineering, these solutions can be installed on a flexible schedule to accommodate your needs.

  • Extend availability of assets
  • Reduce alarms and system trips
  • Reduce downtime for trip recovery
A total solutions suite

Explore other OpFlex System Reliability offerings

Gas Turbine Outage Odometer

Provides automated calculation and Human Machine Interface (HMI) display of factored fired hours (FFH) and starts (FFS) per GER-3620 to simplify maintenance planning.

Diagnostics and Productivity

Software enhancements that improve your capability to quickly diagnose and resolve system issues and efficiently execute system tests and procedures.

Non-Optical Flame Detector

Uses combustion dynamics signals to reliably detect the presence of flame, avoiding the need for dedicated optical flame sensors. Requires Combustion Dynamics Monitoring (CDM) system.

Liquid Fuel (LF) Reliability

Multiple options including LF check valve relocation and manual or automatic LF water flush system, plus enhanced control logic to avoid trips during fuel transfers, and relax load restrictions on fuel transfers.

Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) package

Model-Based Control of gas turbine operation to better compensate for hot gas path fouling due to HFO operation, plus a smart cooldown process and optional automated wash system to shorten offline water wash cycles to recover performance.