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Increasing stability and reliability

Nobody has time for trips or runbacks. Stable and reliable gas turbine operation with low emissions relies on the accurate and fast control of the fuel flow rate supplied to the combustion system. Sliding Fuel Pressure Control enables your turbine to accommodate low or fluctuating gas supply pressure, so you keep operating with confidence.

OpFlex Sliding Fuel Pressure Control features

Factors impacting your fleet’s fuel system operation:

  • Gas turbine performance improvements/upgrades to higher pressure ratio requires higher gas fuel supply pressure
  • Available gas pressure may decrease due to increased consumers on existing infrastructure

Sliding Fuel Pressure Control can:

  • Automatically increase or decrease the P2 pressure to balance the SRV and GCV operating limits using measurement feedback for valve stroke and pressure ratio, increasing operating range before protective actions are initiated
  • Protective actions are further redefined to increase load capability and reduce operator interaction
  • Fuel flow accuracy and stability is improved by generating a more stable P2 reference for the SRV position control system
  • Improved flexibility on automatic transfers to liquid fuel
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