Today’s challenge for operators

Achieving faster startups

In today’s power industry, getting online quickly and efficiently isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s practically a requirement. Along with the rise of renewables and new competitive industry, operators are searching for a way to achieve faster, lower cost, more precise starts.

OpFlex Purge Credit features

  • LCI Pre-connect: Ability to maintain “Ready State” of starting means, enabling quick rotor engagement
  • Purge at Shutdown: Move purge to prior shutdown and utilize block and vent valve system to maintain indefinite purged state to execute next start without repeat purge
  • Fire on the fly: Combustion ignition via spark plugs and cross-fire tubes during acceleration
  • Fast Grid Sync: Grid synchronization within 30 seconds from full speed no load (FSNL)
  • NFPA-85 compliant
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