Today’s challenge for operators

Getting online faster

Being empowered with the operational muscle to quickly respond in today’s fiercely competitive power industries can play a major role in growing your bottom line. By positioning your plant to participate in ancillary industries, you can be prepared to capture an abundance of new revenue opportunities driven by increased intermittent renewables on the power grid.

OpFlex Fast Start features

  • Shortened purge duration
  • Fire on the fly: Ignition immediately after purge; no deceleration or warm-up hold
  • Increased acceleration rate
  • Increased load rate
  • Reduced transient over-fire … lower maintenance factor (≤5:1)
  • AutoRecover (for DLN): Lean-lean to premix transfer at base load
  • Flexible acceleration/loading options
  • Reduced fuel consumption: ~30% of normal start
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