Control made easy

Operator graphics are designed to make the operators more effective with essential data highlighted and actionable information easily identifiable.  The advanced engineering toolset is built to capture events and rapidly identify root cause maximize uptime and plant productivity. The Mark VIe features scalable redundancy so you can meet changing power demands as your plant grows.

Integration with basic process control systems

GE understands the importance of seamless integration between your DCS, safety, and basic process control solutions.

The combination of open protocols, Ethernet-based I/O network enables the Mark VIe Integrated Control System to control your generation asset and the BOP around the assets. When combined with the Mark VIeS safety system and GE’s Generator control EX2100e and LS2100e your complete plant is controlled and maintained from one simple tool with common access to the full plant.

The Mark VIe platform enables real-time visualization by securely sharing data through the plant-wide control system, HMIs, data historians, device management systems, and enterprise trending tools.

Tough, secure, and high performing

The Ethernet-based distributed architecture of the Mark VIe integrated control solution enhances interoperability for improved lifecycle management.

The proven and reliable Mark VIe control platform helps keep operations safe and secure through being:

  • Connected: 100% Ethernet at all levels
  • Flexible: distributed or centralized I/O
  • Scalable: designed to accommodate evolving systems and applications
  • Reliable: configured for simplex, dual, or triple redundant operation
  • High performance: local process on each module, computing power grows as system expands
  • Rugged: hardware rated up to 70°C
  • Secure: Achilles Level 2 certification