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Most generator sizes and types covered

GE’s EX2100e excitation solutions leverage more than 50 years of industry experience and an installed base of over 10,000 units in 70 countries across gas, steam, and hydro applications.

Integral with Mark VIe Controls

GE’s EX2100e excitation control system is a software enabled generator control system applicable for steam (including nuclear), gas and hydro generators. The EX2100e has configurations for both new installations and retrofit of existing systems. EX2100e control hardware and software is an integral part of the Mark* VIe control product line.

Integration is seamless between excitation systems, turbine control, static starter, distributed control systems (DCS), and the human-machine interface (HMI) requiring no third party interfaces or gateways.

For stand-alone retrofit applications, tight integration with plant control systems is enabled through multiple protocols including Modbus/TCP or hardwired.

Presenting data in a meaningful context

ControlST integrates vital data throughout the plant, including data from external systems that would otherwise be unavailable, and presents it in a meaningful context, reducing system costs.

Armed with the right information at the right time, engineers can more effectively analyze process trends and adjust control software, operators can more quickly respond to alarms and operational disruptions, and maintenance teams can pinpoint problem areas, react proactively, and keep processes online.

The ControlST software suite includes several high-performance tools:

  • WorkstationST* HMI and Historian communication software
  • ToolboxST* process configuration and diagnostic software for process, SIL, excitation, and power conversion
  • TrenderST* provides integrated real time and historical data combined with SOE and alarm points
  • AlarmViewer delivers ISA 18.2 compliant alarm management
  • Other packages for efficient plant-wide communications, monitoring, and asset management

* Indicates a trademark of General Electric Company and/or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Regulators for rotating exciters

The Ex2100e product family includes simplex and redundant automatic voltage regulator systems, typically used for smaller excitation currents. This solution has been specifically designed to address all sizes of generators and embeds all the necessary control, limitations and protection to help the generator operate safely. This flexible excitation product can be customized to retrofit most configurations.

Static excitation systems

For higher excitation currents the thyristor based EX2100e static excitation systems are available in several configurations to provide flexibility and to economically meet field current requirements. Its control architecture features a simplex configuration or redundant (triple modular redundancy) configuration in combination with converter redundancy (warm backup, n-1, n-2) for highest availability.

Retrofit generator controls

For optimum retrofits, GE offers a digital front end (DFE) as the control section of the excitation system used to upgrade existing excitation systems with the latest control technology, yet keeping the existing power conversion sections, minimizing costs and downtime.

Generator control panel

Excitation systems can be also joined with synchronizer and generator protection to provide a complete generator control.

High-performance, intuitive software tools

The EX2100e utilizes ControlST* software suite. ControlST* software contains several high-performance tools for ease of use by both operation and maintenance personnel.

These include:

  • ToolboxST* application for configuration and diagnostics
  • WorkstationST* for management of HMI and Historian functions
  • CIMPLICITY* graphics user interface

Seamless integration provides direct connectivity from parameters on operator screens to their corresponding alarm history, trends, logic diagrams, watch windows, and browsers.

Advanced algorithms

EX2100e Excitation systems offer highly advanced algorithms to tackle challenges created by the fundamental change of the power generation industry and enhance reliability of generation assets.

Combination with static starter

For gas turbines GE offers a combined package of an EX2100e excitation system and a LS2100e static starter, both featuring the Mark VIe control system. This highly integrated solution offers efficient and reliable operation of gas turbines.

* Indicates a trademark of General Electric Company and/or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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