System features

Advanced control for today’s connected plant

A common ControlST* software suite is used with the Mark VIe controls and related systems for programming, configuration, trending, and analyzing diagnostics. It provides a single source of quality, time-coherent data at the controller and plant level to understand and adjust how your plant is operating in real time.

With a single tool to learn and powerful diagnostic, trending, and alarm features, your operators and maintenance personnel will appreciate the ability to avoid typical failures that can cause outages.

Industry-standard Ethernet communications are used for I/O, controllers, and supervisory interface to operator and maintenance stations and third-party systems.

Ethernet provides connectivity and flexibility

Mark VIe distributed control systems are backplane-free and Ethernet-based for improved system availability and simplification of operations and maintenance throughout the overall lifecycle. Ethernet communication is central to an Industrial Internet foundation.

The Mark VIe system makes use of this flexible, high-speed, low-cost communications at the lowest level of control system architecture as a replacement for rack-based control.

The I/O can be distributed or centralized, and both primary and safety control can exist on one network while remaining functionally independent. Additionally, the primary control can listen to safety inputs without interference reducing cost of duplicating field instrumentation.

Comprehensive approach to continuous operations

GE’s Integrated Plant Control DCS (Distributed Control System) is a solution for managing complex plant processes in an efficient, consistent, and secure way. Enhance operation of key subsystems by reacting instantly to changing load demands and continually maintaining ideal conditions at every stage of the water/steam cycle. Leverage high performance plant control logic combined with comprehensive fail-safe protection, self-testing, and fault reporting to help reduce costs, and improve safety.

GE’s DCS enables users to improve operational efficiency, optimize production, and unlock new revenue opportunities by leveraging advanced data analytics. The Mark VIe DCS consists of intelligent controllers, I/O modules, secure cloud connectivity solutions, advanced analytics software, and apps to provide real-time process optimization and control with minimal disruption to deployed applications.

GE’s DCS solutions feature high-speed, networked I/O for simplex, dual, and triple redundant systems. Industry-standard Ethernet communications are used for I/O, controllers, and supervisory interface to operator and maintenance stations and third-party systems.

Plant-wide control

The Mark VIe DCS provides single plant control for your most valuable asset, enabling comprehensive, connected plant automation. Mark VIe offers a common hardware and software platform and common configuration for both safety and control. In addition, maintenance, diagnostics, spare parts, logistics, alarms, databases, and training are required for just one system—simplifying operations.

Reduced risk and operating cost

Multi-system complexities, risks, and costs are reduced by deploying the Mark VIe DCS. By monitoring the plant from a single interface, operators can make better, faster decisions. Elimination of gateways and hardwired interfaces reduces maintenance requirements.

To reduce downtime, the robust Mark VIe controller and IO can function between -40 °C to 70 °C with no fans. Consolidating control with a Mark VIe DCS solution reduces total cost of ownership thanks to greater uptime, reduced personnel, lower hardware and software costs, smaller parts inventory, and a single control vendor relationship.

High performance and reliability

The Mark VIe DCS can be configured for simplex, dual, or triple redundant operation, offering the right level of reliability for your specific system with single-click configuration. And if a fault occurs, diagnostics are reported in the alarm management system and controllers.

I/O modules can be replaced online so your system is back up and running quickly. DI & DO points provide Sequence of Events capability with single click configuration and no additional application code enabling plant wide time coherent SOE analysis with no data integration. To maximize performance, the Mark VIe processes locally on each module, and computing power can expand along with your system.

MarkVIe Hart, PROFINET, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, CANOpen, and Modbus

The Mark VIe IO modules connect to multiple device communication protocols making it easy to adopt digital bus technology within the plant to bring the intelligence from the device back to the control system. The common set of data is presented to the operators for control of the plant or maintenance team for diagnosing issues quickly.


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