Introducing Baseline Security Center

Cyberthreats—and the mechanisms needed to guard against them—evolve rapidly. Systems need to be tuned, monitored, and managed on a continual basis—and many teams struggle to keep pace with all these ongoing demands. Establishing these security mechanisms doesn’t just take time, it takes expertise.

The reality is that implementing general purpose security platforms in OT environments can break business-critical plant operations.

Quite simply, in many organizations, security demands are growing too fast, and time, staff expertise, and money are in too short supply. Given these realities, many decision makers have been faced with two highly unappealing scenarios:

  • Make the investments in staff time and budget required to build a comprehensive security program from scratch.
  • Do nothing, or do the minimum, and hope their organizations aren’t exposed by a cyber attack or hit by significant fines for non-compliance.

But Baseline Security Center offers a far more appealing alternative.

A single platform

Baseline Security Center delivers comprehensive security capabilities in a single, pre-integrated platform, enabling your organization to establish robust, defense-in-depth controls in plant environments. The solution provides security controls and OT maintenance tools for GE Mark* VI and Mark* VIe networks. With Baseline Security Center, you can leverage a full suite of security capabilities—without all the time, cost, and effort of procuring, testing, integrating, and deploying these disparate solutions independently.

A range of features

Baseline Security Center collects, correlates, and forwards security logs and events, and it presents this information to plant personnel in a highly usable format. The solution offers identity and password management capabilities for control-system environments. In addition, the solution can be customized so it aligns with your existing environment, including your security incident and event management (SIEM) platform, backup mechanisms, anti-virus technologies, log management platforms, and more:

  • Hardware appliance and operations console
  • Hardened server and thin-client console
  • Optional, hardened firewall
  • Secure-by-design configuration
  • Global regulatory certifications and hardware support
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